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  1. ELeigh

    Trip Report Just enough

    Hello again WDWMagic friends! It has been a long, hard year since Covid began and for our family we were lucky enough to stay home and stay safe together for the majority of it. I would be lying if I said it hadn’t been rough on us regardless. My kids said goodbye to their school, friends, and...
  2. ELeigh

    Trip Report Food and Wine Coast to Coast: Part 1

    Hello WDWmagic friends and welcome to another TR. For those who are new or those who need a refresher I am Erica and I am known for love of Disney trips, travel mishaps and obsession with cheese fries. My last trip to WDW was in May 2019 and of course I have been plotting how and when to get...
  3. ELeigh

    Trip Report A tale of two Values-Split stay Pop and Aoa May 2018

    We just got back early this morning from our trip after an unexpected delay so I took the day off from work. I need to unpack and grocery shop but I would rather sit on the couch and start my TR-so here we go. Who: Myself (Erica/Mom), DH R, DD O (5), and DS Z (3) Where: 2 nights at Pop Century...
  4. ELeigh

    Pre-Trip The Fab 5 Trip

    It seems like I just returned from WDW and I am already gearing up to go back. I have found that future trip planning really is the best cure for the post trip blues! Welcome to anyone who would like to follow in my next adventure :) This trip will feature the number 5 in a few different...
  5. ELeigh

    Trip Report New Years Wedding~Sister trip! *Completed*

    I hope everyone has had a Disney-filled summer! It has been a while since I have posted on here but we have been pretty busy. My kids were lucky enough to visit 5 amusement parks in the past 2 months! (I guess we could accomplish that in a few days in Orlando) Here's what we have been up to...
  6. ELeigh

    Trip Report Under the Sea Surprise-Live TR

    Our bags are packed, we’re checked in for our 6am flight and tomorrow I get to wake up my 2 children at 3am and surprise them with a Disney Trip 9 months in the making. For those of you who haven’t read my PTR here is a brief recap: Who-Myself (Erica), My Sister (H), My cousin (M) and my two...
  7. ELeigh

    Best Bar/Lounge Spring 2018

    I have looked back at posts from past years but I am hoping for some recent opinions of the best bar or lounge for my upcoming trip: I am looking for somewhere with good mixed drinks and snack type food and a fun night out for myself and my cousin (in our 20s) anywhere on property. It will most...
  8. ELeigh

    Rope Dropping MK EMH

    I have read a lot about rope dropping MK and I am just wondering if anyone can give me more information on what to expect rope dropping on an EMH day? (I know that some will say don't do it but there's no other park that will work for this particular day on my trip). What time do they let you in...
  9. ELeigh

    FEA/SDMT Availability 60 days out?

    I am anxiously awaiting my 60 day window (still 8 weeks away) and I am just wondering if anyone can give me insight based on recent experience if I will have a hard time getting a FP for SDMT at 60+1 days or FEA at 60+4 days? I know in the past these were more difficult to grab but now with...
  10. ELeigh

    Best Parade/Fireworks Show for Preschoolers

    I am visiting WDW in May with my children for their 2nd and 3rd trips and I am hoping that we can work in some things we have not done before, including a viewing a parade and a fireworks show. I am thinking one of each will be all we can handle giving the timing and their sleep schedules and I...
  11. ELeigh

    Pre-Trip It's 2018-Let the countdown begin

    (Not sure if this pic will load but here I am in DL in November with my long awaited Mickey Macaron and Matterhorn Macaroon-I did not want to share!) I am new to this site but after reading some awesome trip reports I am itching to post a pre-trip report even though there are still 131 days...
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