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  1. Yert3

    Busted Haunted Mansion speaker.

    I just got off HM but the speakers were in bad shape. It was hilarious! Ghost host sounded like a robot. I had to record it.
  2. Yert3

    Does anyone else think the volume level on attractions is a problem?

    I feel like the volume levels are way too low. If people can overpower the ride audio just from talking in an inside voice level, I feel like that’s a problem.
  3. Yert3

    Haunted Mansion Improvements?

    I went on the mansion today and I noticed two improvements. One was the hanging skeleton, it was visible. Really visible. I can’t remember the last time I was able to see it clearly at all. I got some video, but it looks even better in real life Second one I noticed is Constance. The...
  4. Yert3

    What the heck is going on with the Toy Story Mania queue?

    Sorry if this has already been talked about. I tried searching for it but couldn’t find anything. For more than a month now, they’ve been rerouting us backstage to bypass the first part of the TSM queue. Anyone have any inside information as to what is going on?
  5. Yert3

    Continuity error on smuggler’s run?

    When walking up to the attraction, we see that the Falcon is already docked, but when watching the pre-show with Hondo, it comes in for a landing?
  6. Yert3

    I thought the sky liner was built to minimize stops.

    Currently on it right now. I thought these were built in a way so handicap could board separately. Stopped 4 times now in a single trip (within 5 minutes). Disappointed.
  7. Yert3

    Is the Magic Kingdom Arch gone from the TTC forever or is it being refurbished?

    Walking up to the TTC just now, I immediately noticed the arch was gone. Sorry if arch is the wrong word, but I can’t think of another one Here’s what it looks like now: Here’s what I’m talking about for those not familiar:
  8. Yert3

    Anyone else just disgusted over Disney Legends picks?

    This year's were a joke especially. The only two people that really deserved it are James Earl Jones and Hans Zimmer. Here's what my list would have been. Some of these, I think you'll be surprised that they haven't been inducted yet. Jim Cummings (voice of Pete, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger...
  9. Yert3

    “Please remain seated, this ride will be begin motion immediately.”

    Why is it necessary to have a cast member and a pre-recorded spiel say this? I was just on Spaceship Earth and we stopped 3 times. Each time we began moving again, a cast members told us to remain seated followed by the prerecorded spiel. They actually talked over the pre-recorded spiel the...
  10. Yert3

    Extreme Heat or Extreme Cold?

    People say that one of the reasons WDW was built in Florida was because of the weather. While this is true, it’s not impossible that it could have been built somewhere further north. Evident by the fact that it snows at Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disneyland and the parks remain open when it...
  11. Yert3

    Haunted Mansion Evacuation with Alarm

    This happened to me just a few minutes ago. Anyone know what happened?
  12. Yert3

    What year did Disney implement the purple, red, and gold signs?

    I’ve always wondered but can’t find the answer anywhere. Anyone on here know?
  13. Yert3

    Poll: Does the Guardians show building blend in well enough?

    Taken from the parking lot
  14. Yert3

    WDW is way better now than it was at the beginning of the decade.

    I see a lot of people on these boards talk about how the Disney today is a shadow of its former self. Which is true. I started going to Disney in the mid 90’s. 1996 to be exact, and although I was a kid, I still remember all the trips we made and how the quality and feel of the parks is nothing...
  15. Yert3

    Is It Just Me, or Do Omnimovers Stop a Lot More Than They Used To?

    Every time I go on an omnimover attraction, especially The Haunted Mansion, they stop extremely frequently. I’d figure about 99% of the time, they’re just letting handicap people on and off. But here’s the thing. I don’t remember omnimovers stopping all that often about a decade ago and before...
  16. Yert3

    Rich Moore Leaves Disney for Sony Animation

    Very very sad to hear this news. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/wreck-it-ralph-director-rich-moore-leaves-disney-sony-pictures-animation-1200160
  17. Yert3

    Is it just my imagination or has Disney been on point with the air conditioning lately?

    Over the past, I want to say, 3 years or so, the insides of attractions and shops have been unbearably hot. Far gone are the days of having a nice 60°F (15.6°C) indoor temperature. Obviously they’re cutting back on the AC to save money and for environmental reasons. But I have to say, I have...
  18. Yert3

    Should Disney Operate Na’vi River Journey when the Shaman of Songs is down?

    The past few times I’ve been on Na’vi River Journey, the Shaman of Songs, aka the main attraction of the ride, is down. Instead they just have a video playing. Why even run the ride at that point? And why can’t Disney keep their animatronics working?
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