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  1. SamnDawn060304

    '2012" Charter Bus Trip!

    I love planning trips to WDW! Somehow I started a Charter bus trip. :lookaroun This trip was planned in June of 2011 and is June 9, 2012 through June 17, 2012. There are 57 people going with us to the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH! We are staying at Coronado Springs (great group rates) it includes...
  2. SamnDawn060304

    Rosa's last minute summer trip!

    Hi everyone! Today I decided to treat my DD to a last minute trip to the world. We are leaving Tuesday 8/9/11 morning out of BWI and leave to come back on Friday 8/12/11 morning. We are staying at Disney's Port Orleans Resort Riverside. My daughters name is Rosa Maria and is the best...
  3. SamnDawn060304

    Fantasmic Dessert Party

    I am taking 57 people to Disney next June. We are doing to Fantasmic dessert party before and show with reserved seating and the ride experience after. Has anyone ever experienced this before and what is your opinion. Thank you! :sohappy:
  4. SamnDawn060304

    Rare Items?

    A friend of mine is wantin me to post these items on ebay for her but I am in need of some info on them maybe someone on here can help me. Maybe you know of a website? I have no idea of their value etc... Thanks n advance for any help.
  5. SamnDawn060304

    Glenda's First trip...

    I leave n 3 days for my trip in October n I have already booked another trip for Dec. On this trip there are 5 of us myself, DM, DD, DN, and my friends daughter who is 9 yo and never been to Disney. I was asked if I could take her one time if I ever could and I could this time. We have already...
  6. SamnDawn060304

    Walt Disney 16th year pin

    This is a picture of my BFF Pin that she was given when she worked for Disney. Sorry it is not too big. It's says Happy 16th Birthday Walt Disney World. She stated that it was to celebrate 16 years open. I thought it was cool since it had Snow White & the 7 drawfs on it and all the...
  7. SamnDawn060304

    A Halloween Adventure! Pre-trip & Trip Report 10/26 - 10/30

    Hey everyone I love Halloween and every since I visited last Oct. for MNSSHP I am hooked. Our trip was booked in April for 4 nights and 5 days at Pop Century Resort. We will be visiting MNSSHP on Tuesday, Oct. 27th and HHN @ Universal on Thursday, Oct. 29th. We are anxiously awaiting on...
  8. SamnDawn060304

    Pin Code...

    So this is second pin code we recieved. I have a question maybe someone out there can answer. We already booked for the first pin code Oct 26-30th for 40% off at POP. This one is for free dining at the same time. I think the free dining is a better deal. However I do not need park tickets as I...
  9. SamnDawn060304

    June1, - June, 4th

    I wish this could be a good report however as soon as we checked in to our hotel myself and my husband were both sick with allergies. He felt worse than me so I spent the 4 days playing nurse maid to him. We barely left the room and spent tons of money on meds. We had bought 4 day, PH, WP & more...
  10. SamnDawn060304

    Magical Express

    HELP!!!!! So we only have 14 more days until we leave and still have not recieved our packet? Is this normal? I called and they said that we could get it up until 5 days before we leave and that we did not need this to board the bus? What about the luggage tags will we have to get our own bags...
  11. SamnDawn060304

    Pre-trip report Fort Wilderness Tent Camping

    My Family and I were lookin for an inexpensive way to visit WDW. We decided to camp at Fort Wilderness. First let me introduce you to our cast of characters. Myself Dawn age: 39 yo DD Rosa 10 yo DM Janet 61 yo DS Nathan 19 yo & GF Stacy 17 yo DB John 28 yo SIL Marta...
  12. SamnDawn060304

    Cabins vs Value Resort

    Just a little help please.... Has anyone ever stayed in a cabin? Which would you perfer? Is getting around at Wilderness easy? It looks so big on the map. Should you rent a golf cart even if you have a car? Can you park right at your cabin? What are some advantages or disadvantages? Thanks in...
  13. SamnDawn060304

    October 2008... yesterday...

    Last night I made dinner for everyone (DM, SIL, BF, DD,DH, DS, & myself). When my SIL showed up (she lives next door). I always make dinner when she works the first shift. She had two envelopes in her hand and I felt my heart start to race with this feeling of excitement. Could this be it...
  14. SamnDawn060304

    Help with reluctant traveler!

    Yes!!!! We just made our last payment on our Vacation. We are going 10/17 -10/22 staying @ CSR. This will be my second time staying on property and my first time at a moderate resort. The haves: My mother and I have been numerous times The have nots: My sister-n-law has not been since the...
  15. SamnDawn060304

    Hhn 2008

    I have never been to HHN we have tickets for October 19th. Is there anyone else that is going or has gone. Everyday something else is added to the web site about the event I can't wait. I was there in 2001 but did not have tickets to the event so we left the park at 5pm I think. Is the express...
  16. SamnDawn060304

    Bus trip???

    Bus Trip 2008 I am organizing a bus trip to Disney World in April. Has anyone ever been on one? If so can you tell me what you liked about it the most and the least. I want this to be a memorable as possible for the people that are going. 95% have NEVER been there before. Was there anything...
  17. SamnDawn060304


    Just watched the trailer for this flick. I love dogs so I am anxious to see this. It looked good. Anyone else lQQking forward to seeing it?
  18. SamnDawn060304

    Hell's Kitchen Episode #3

    Was everyone watching last night? I am not sure about this year they all seem to be unskilled. I was glad to see Aaron go he should have never made it to the show. I can not believe that she took that spa out of the trash. Makes you wonder huh?
  19. SamnDawn060304

    Hershey Park Celebrates 100 Years of Happy!

    This year is 100 years for Hershey. If you have never been to Hershey Park, it is a fun place to visit for the day. There is something there for everyone and I LOVE CHOCOLATE!:slurp: We usually go once every summer. The food is great and so is the chocolate. :sohappy: Check it out...
  20. SamnDawn060304

    Post your old pictures of WDW

    This is an old pic from 1977, when my parents went for this first time without us kids.:(
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