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  1. blm07

    WDW/DL Poster art packs from 201?

    So I just found out that they started this cool new product where they include 12 posters a year for all of the parks, but I had no idea they were limited and that it's far too late to get the first waves where they had 12 from WDW and 12 from DL. Are they selling them anywhere at this point...
  2. blm07

    Antarctica / Empire of the Penguin

    It smells like socks.
  3. blm07

    Body Wars 2016 Update

    There is no black sign, only Zuul.
  4. blm07

    Expedition Everest effects status watch

    Dear journal, it's me, Doug. Mr. D1nk, the technician at the ride said it was very expensive to change anything, and Disney is too cheap to fix it. Go figure. This girl I work with, Patti, I see her all the time at the McDonalds just outside of Animal Kingdom, but I'm too scared to introduce...
  5. blm07

    Some things you just can't fix

    When lightning is in the area and the outdoor rides have to shut down. When a ride breaks down and guests claim they waited an hour to be taken off, or they waited in line for an hour, when in most cases it was 20 minutes. When a guest is in a place that is chained or roped off and isn't...
  6. blm07

    Do we lose track of the fact that WDW is really (in essence) for kids?

    If they are planning to put the same Toy Story Land as in HKDL where the Backlot Tour was, I'm going to be disappointed. My friend said that's a good idea because it gives the kids somewhere to go, but I don't agree. For everyone else besides kids, they aren't going to care. They could however...
  7. blm07

    Expedition Everest effects status watch

    6/2/2015 Nothing changed since 2007.
  8. blm07

    Crazy girl at WDW gets mad

    That chick is an idiot. Hope I never come in contact with her. The end.
  9. blm07

    Living with the Land; new narration ?

    I think the narration can be changed out rather easily depending on what they want to talk about on the tour. Maybe a certain plant isn't looking too good, so they just take that part out. Maybe they just have the guy remake the entire spiel every time something changes. The timing can be off at...
  10. blm07

    Pop Music blasting in Tomorrowland

    I've hated this dance party thing since they started it. They tore down a theater that they could have updated and made easier and more open to get into to make a temporary one annoyingly in the middle of Tomorrowland. Perfectly fine stage demolished to make room for manager parking? Lame. Let...
  11. blm07

    Maelstrom Mural

    The burden in this man's eyes says it all.
  12. blm07

    Snake-Like Creature (and Ellen) gone from Universe of Energy

    I don't really believe that it's impossible to replace that dino due to it being too intricate. If they could build it and make it that articulate 30 years ago, they could rebuild it with new technology and make it even better today. It's beyond time to replace the entire mechanism. And that...
  13. blm07

    What does Disney do with old Audio and Video?

    I must wonder if those who have found old reels have done anything to preserve what they have found, aka digitally back them up. I really hope that Disney has all of the old stuff, mostly EPCOT Center-wise, digitally backed up. I hate the thought that some things were just never backed up and...
  14. blm07

    "Big" Apple announcement may involve Disney

    So what was the announcement? That Apple computers will be used to make new CGI Disney movies? Something about paying for stuff in the parks? Is Disney really that worried about a few cents per purchase because people prefer to use their card instead of buying some stupid product? I'm guessing...
  15. blm07

    Snake-Like Creature (and Ellen) gone from Universe of Energy

    The fog and strobe lights did work during the rave scene, I do remember that at least.
  16. blm07

    Drones may be used in Disney Parks in the future.

    They are going to use them to grab half eaten churros before the birds get them so they can re-bake them and sell them as a new churro.
  17. blm07

    pre fantasmic songs cd

    I hate the Disney Channel and all the "stars" that sang these songs are already forgotten, but these versions aren't really all that bad. I guess you might mean the older version of the loop, this was posted earlier in the thread by Martin, and it is almost completely accurate. All of the...
  18. blm07

    pre fantasmic songs cd

    The listing and videos from above are the old music playlists. They are also not completely accurate. This is the current playlist: DisneyMania 4 - 2006: 01. Disney Channel Stars - A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (or) Princess DisneyMania - 2008: 14. Disney Channel Stars - A Dream Is A Wish...
  19. blm07

    Tower of Terror debuts new on-board video souvenir with Memory Maker and MagicBands

    Looks like they have different stock video to use for the first shot of the elevator depending on how many people are in the elevator. Not a fan of the voice over, or the blinding lights they use to take the video. It doesn't bother me from ground level, just while on the ride.
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