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  1. erstwo

    Lost Never Expire Ticket

    I think I know the answer to this, but google did not supply the definitive "Yes/ No" I needed, so I'm reaching out to those in the know on this message board. Question: If you lost your "never-expire" ticket (actual blue card / room key/ ticket thing Disney used to give you when you checked...
  2. erstwo

    Where to purchase Pocahontas dress this weekend?

    Hello All - Headed back to WDW this weekend. It's been almost a year for us, excited to see all the changes. My daughter would like to wear the Pocahontas dress/ costume for MNSSHP. MNSSHP on Sunday will be our first trip into the parks. Where could we purchase the Pocahontas dress outside...
  3. erstwo

    One day in June - Friday or Saturday?

    We'll have just one day at Disneyland. We can go Friday, June 6 or Saturday, June 7. Which would you recommend? We'd like to visit both parks (park hop.) It's our first visit as a family. I know it's not ideal, but we'll just have to be thankful we can fit in at least one day, and hope we'll...
  4. erstwo

    How to get to Universal? Less than 48 hours to go!

    Yikes! We've had the trip planned for over a month, but we just decided to fly today. We leave Sunday, return Wednesday. We can rent a car but I wondered if we'd be better off just taking Magical Express? The only time we'll be off property is when my son and husband head to 'Harry Potter...
  5. erstwo

    The week before Christmas

    I'm lucky enough to have a birthday near Christmas. :) I've always wanted to attend a MVMCP near my birthday but this year it looks like the last party is on December 19. Is that because they start running the holiday parade for regular park guests on December 20? Would it be better to attend...
  6. erstwo

    Need a MNSSHP Mine Train strategy

    Haven't ridden the Mine Train yet. Looking to attend a MNSSHP near the end of October but I doubt I'll be able to book a Fastpass (not that I won't try!) What do you think the best strategy will be? Ride right at 7? Ride during the first parade? I don't want to miss the fireworks. Love them...
  7. erstwo

    Power out at Tusker House?

    A friend from high school just texted to say her family's Thanksgiving Dinner with Donald was canceled due to a power outage. Boo. And the poor CM's on the frontline of that situation! My apologies if this has been posted. Please fell free to redirect & delete if it has.
  8. erstwo

    Random Last Minute Questions

    I have several questions - all help appreciated! :happy: I've realized after detailed questions from my family, that I *thought* I knew how a Guest Assistance Card works, but I really am not sure. My dad has a doctor's note. I know he will take that note to Guest Services and obtain his GAC...
  9. erstwo

    Trip Report Barely Squeaking By - A Family & Fun Filled September Trip Report

    Well, y'all. It's 9 days to go time and this morning I'm thinking there is no way I'm going to get it all done, so what do I do? Post a Trip Report of course! :D (I'm thinking this is kind of like having tons of work to do and then getting on Twitter or FB, etc. - Let's just delay a little...
  10. erstwo

    Anything new an 'old timer' needs to know?

    Hey All! Long time no see! :) Headed down to the World in two weeks. We're a group of 10, split between rooms at Pop and AoA. We've not been asked to participate in the Magic Bands, which I think means we've avoided them for now. :happy: Of course, this is all me just assuming and I'm...
  11. erstwo

    Universal First Timers - Where to start

    My son started reading Harry Potter this summer and he's hooked. I would like to give him 2 tickets to the "Harry Potter" Universal Park for Christmas, but I need lots of advice! 1 - Where to buy tickets/ what's the best deal, etc? I've read about getting a hotel room that includes passes and...
  12. erstwo

    Question(s) about EVC's - Help! We've never had one before. :-)

    I read the recent thread about EVC rentals with great interest. Bless my poor father, after struggling through our December 2010 trip with a hip replacement that was less than 3 months old, he is now facing knee replacement surgery soon and we'll be in the World in less than 60 days. Yikes...
  13. erstwo

    Rain & SWW?

    With Andrea headed towards those of us staying near Tampa (which I just found out about tonight - gotta love being unplugged on vacation!) I wondered about our plans to hit up Star Wars Weekends this Saturday. Go? Stay away? Will they still have the parade in the rain? Meet & greets? These...
  14. erstwo

    The Surprise! We're going to Disney. Here's a cookie, now get in the car. TR + A One Day bonus?

    Hello All! Avid reader, who had to take a break for a few months due to a self imposed 'Disney break.' But now I'm back and lurking more than ever! :D Here's the most recent photo of my family. I'd say it sums us up quite nicely: Ha! :D I am so excited for another year of WDW and all the...
  15. erstwo

    Bounceback now in Info Packet

    Did a quick search, didn't see this anywhere. If this is a repeat thread, please feel free to delete. Checked into Pop Century February 5. Didn't see a clock shaped Bounceback offer on the little table in the room. Checked with our friends, no bounceback offer on either of their tables in...
  16. erstwo

    Touring the MK with the New Fantasyland

    I think we are approaching 15 trips to WDW since 2008, so we stopped using maps in the MK long ago. We also, for the most part, just used Touring Plans for the crowd calendar in the past 2 years or so. But now, with the new Fantasyland expansion, I'm wondering - will touring the MK be a...
  17. erstwo

    Can not access the WDW website?

    I have been trying to access the WDW annual pass and/or special offers information page all morning with no luck. Not sure if it's my computer or connection? Is anyone else having this problem? Earlier I was able to access the Trip Planning page, but now even waltdisneyworld.com (which...
  18. erstwo

    Disney area Hilton hotel suggestions?

    Looking for a nice Hilton brand hotel in the Disney area for a one night stay. We're giving some consideration to the DTD/ on Disney property Hilton, but just in case would like another alternative. There are just so many (3 on International Drive alone!) that's it's hard to narrow them...
  19. erstwo

    Major Props to Wilderness Lodge

    I have debated for a long while whether or not to post this, but given how negative some can be about WDW, their perceived loss of magic at WDW, and their perceived lack of caring of upper management, I really wanted to share this story. Plus, I think credit should be given where credit is...
  20. erstwo

    Sorcerers, Spies and Superbowl Adventures - A February Trip Report

    This trip began a very long time ago. In fact, over 15 months ago, I assumed that this trip would be our first trip back to WDW in over a year. But that hasn't been the case! Never the less - we were super excited to join my husband in Orlando for a conference Feb. 6 - 11. The reservations...
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