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  1. powlessfamily4

    waving and smiling!

    I just had to say. ... I'm at the airport waiting to fly. I'm going to WALT DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!!
  2. powlessfamily4

    Nantucket Suite @ CB Question

    I will be staying in the Nantucket Suite at CB the week of December 3rd. My company has booked rooms/ suites for a business meeting that week. Does anyone have pictures of the suite or experiences they can share? I am having trouble locating exact pictures. I did try allears and just found...
  3. powlessfamily4

    Engagement 2012

    So my son proposed to his girlfriend last week at Magic Kingdom. It was her first trip to WDW and we were taking a family vacation. My son approached me aout 2 months ago asking if he could bring her on the trip because he wanted to propose. We arrived at Pop! around noon that day and took off...
  4. powlessfamily4

    Diane Disney Miller Remembers Dad

    I am not sure if this has been posted. I did not see it.... maybe I am blind. Feel free to delete this if it is a duplicate. This is a good interview by the Huffington Post with Diane Disney Miller...
  5. powlessfamily4

    March 2012 Roll Call

    Who's in?? March 6th - 11th I can't wait!!! :sohappy::sohappy:
  6. powlessfamily4

    Florida Residents vs Everyone else.

    I could not find an answer to this on the forums, So if this is posted somewhere already feel free to redirect me and close the post. I had a friend ask me today what is the ratio of out of town people vs Florida Residents at the parks. I explained that due to the sheer volume of visitors in...
  7. powlessfamily4

    Need Help - Indiana Jones Question

    I hope someone can answer this question. My family is returning to WDW in February with my brothers family. I have a nephew who is 5 and is completely :dazzle: CRAZY :dazzle: about Indiana Jones. I am hoping I can find out 2 things. 1. Is there any type of a Indiana Jones meet and greet...
  8. powlessfamily4

    A Dose of Disney Magic!

    I just wanted to share with everyone a little bit of our Disney Magic. My Disney family (DH, DD 22 and DS 20) checked into POP! on 09/21/2011 via the Magic Express. We had requested double adjoining rooms, 60's poolside. I realize that they cannot guarantee all of your special requests, but do...
  9. powlessfamily4

    i'm leaving for Disney NOW!

    Thanks for all the great advice! I'm sooooooooo excited!
  10. powlessfamily4

    Magic Express Question

    We are on our way to the airport. I didn't need to use all my yellow tags. We downsized our luggage. Fo I need to call and inform Disney?
  11. powlessfamily4

    AAA Discount for MNSSHP

    I apologize if this has already been posted somewhere. I couldn't find anything about it when I searched. I am a AAA member and recieved my Going Places magazine yesterday. On page 29 I saw an ad for MNSSHP. It said AAA members could receive up to $8 off each ticket for September dates...
  12. powlessfamily4

    Beds at Grand Floridian

    Sorry if this has been covered. I did search for it but did not find what I was looking for. My husband is planning a 2012 trip for just the two of us and is booking the rooms at the Grand Floridian. Last night he looks at me and says "I wonder what type of mattresses they have there"...
  13. powlessfamily4

    No Room At The Inn

    I tried to find something on this, but couldn't come up with anything so my apologies if this an overworked subject. I booked our vacation @ Pop for the week of Sept 22nd - 28th. (4 adults) We are joined with my brothers party which consisted of 2 adults and 2 children (4&5). We have 2...
  14. powlessfamily4

    CallerTune Reactions

    Today my doctors office phoned to confirm an appointment. After I had confirmed, the man said "I'm sorry but I just have to ask, what was that song I was listening to while I waited for you to answer?". I proudly explained it was "Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" from the Walt Disney World...
  15. powlessfamily4

    Table for 10

    My family is leaving for WDW a week the last week of September. My brother and sisters families are both joining us and that brings our party total to 10. We have already chosen the restaurant’s and have dining reservations. We decided to go with places we have never tried before. Now that...
  16. powlessfamily4

    Buying Park Tickets

    I had a friend call me a few minutes ago and ask about the best place to get a good discount on WDW tickets. This is the senerio: Hey - I am going to Orlando next week and wanted to know where to buy Disney tickets. We won’t be on property. We bought some time share package a while back...
  17. powlessfamily4

    Trip Report 11/18 - 11/25

    Trip Report – This is not a really detailed report. Just hitting the highlights. 11/18 Checked into ASM by Jing. Reception area was a madhouse because they had glitches with the new reservation system. Although we had check in online nothing was prepared and we had to wait for them to print and...
  18. powlessfamily4

    I am leaving for WDW right now!!

    I will miss you all and post my trip report in about 10 days!! :ROFLOL: Yeah!!! I am going to Disney!!!
  19. powlessfamily4

    Disney Accident - Man falls 25 feet

    I just read this article on CNN http://www.cnn.com/2010/US/08/19/california.disney.accident/index.html?hpt=T2 First I hope this man is alright...... Second - what in the world was he thinking??
  20. powlessfamily4

    Obscure Quiz Questions

    I need your help. My brother considers himself a regular Disney guru. I made my first trip to WDW this past June with him and I have to say I he was right, I have missed out on a lot!! Because I am such a newbie he is always texting me little quiz questions about the parks then laughs insanley...
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