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  1. Disnerd2003

    Insider info/ AMA on WDW's 50th Ann.

    Alright. I'm gonna start this off by saying I've spent a wonderful 30 years with TDO, and know about nearly everything coming to WDW for the 50th and beyond I can't speak of. I am, however, going to share insider info to lay the MK 50th Anniversary parade rumors to rest. Disneyland is a ghost...
  2. Disnerd2003

    Question about the Headless Horseman

    Hey! I'm a CM who just transferred back to MK to work the Halloween Parties. The last time I did this was 2003. Back then, the Headless Horseman used to fly down main street and the rest of the parade route so fast the horseshoes would spark. Such a spectacle to see. When I got back to working...
  3. Disnerd2003

    Disney Kingdoms comic line based on the parks?

    Hey guys. The Disney Kingdoms comics about park attractions were my FAVORITE, and it seems they've gone away. In 2017 they said they were working on a new title, but havent posted anything on their Facebook or Twitter since. Was the brand cancelled?
  4. Disnerd2003

    Help settle a family dispute over the Tower of Terror!

    Hi guys! My mom and I have been conflicting over a topic for a while now. She claims that in the late 90's, after the 5th dimension scene and Serling's narration in the drop shaft (you are about to discover...), the lights would come on in the elevator and you'd see a wall directly in front if...
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