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  1. Weather_Lady

    Rise of Resistance How to have app auto select entire party?

    I'm sure someone will correct me if this has changed, but when you go to make your day-of boarding-passes, when you get to that selection screen, it should auto-select everyone you manage on MDE with a park pass for that day (at 7am, anyway -- for the 1pm boarding pass offering, it should...
  2. Weather_Lady

    Ladies: Tell me your go to capri length leggings to wear at the parks

    I often have the same issue with shorts. For park wear, I like capris that are advertised as "hiking" apparel, as they are generally made from fabrics that wear well, don't wrinkle or fade easily, have a good degree of "stretch" even though the style looks structured, and are moisture-wicking...
  3. Weather_Lady

    Park Reservations

    I know the warnings in the "fine print" for ticket and pass purchases about "subject to capacity" seem ominous, but in practice, it hasn't been a problem. So far since the reopening, people looking to enter a park (even those with parkhopper tickets, meaning they didn't have a reservation for...
  4. Weather_Lady

    Park Reservations

    During the first week of May (with school still in session, no major holidays, etc.), you shouldn't have any problem doing that.
  5. Weather_Lady

    (Not so) Patiently Waiting

    I'm not-so-patiently waiting on the Polynesian (non-DVC portion). I know it's slated to open in late July and we're tentatively booked there for the end of August, but as far as we're concerned, if it opens without the monorail station, then it won't have fully reopened, and we'll be opting to...
  6. Weather_Lady

    Disney hollywood studios full till god knows when.

    Definitely make them right away -- but then keep checking back. If DHS park reservations open up, it's easy to change your existing ones using the My Disney Experience app. (At present, you must first cancel your existing park reservation for that day, and then make the new one. There's no...
  7. Weather_Lady

    Disney hollywood studios full till god knows when.

    If the park reservations are "sold out," keep checking back, but if you can't get one then yes, your DHS access is limited to park-hopping there. (Anecdotally, even though the terms and conditions say they don't guarantee parkhopper access to parks at full capacity, so far, even on busy days...
  8. Weather_Lady

    Hotel room issue - worth asking for a move?

    Noise is an issue that can happen anywhere. However, if you have a non-operable showerhead and towel racks and whatnot are falling off the walls, I would absolutely request a move (or swift repairs, whatever you'd prefer). For the price you have paid, you are entitled to a room in good working...
  9. Weather_Lady

    News Disney's Magical Express to end after 2021

    Yes. Mears offers service from MCO to (and between) Disney, Universal, and a number of other Orlando-area points of interest.
  10. Weather_Lady

    When will they open more of the restaurants?

    I don't see a significant rise in the number of restaurants operating until all CMs are able to be fully vaccinated (all shots, + 2 weeks). Many of the "experts" have estimated that this translates to early-to-mid-June, just in time for schools to start getting out for the summer. So my...
  11. Weather_Lady

    News Disney Genie digital assistant app coming to Walt Disney World

    [Adjusting my tinfoil hat.] I hope you are right. However, my suspicion is that Genie's chief goal won't be to send guests to attractions during times of low waits (although that will be a coincidental result in some cases), so much as it will be to spread the crowds out evenly to match Disney's...
  12. Weather_Lady

    News Disney's Magical Express to end after 2021

    I love the cheesiness, too, which is why I've already downloaded the DME onboard video from Youtube to my phone. When my family does our mid-week transfer from a Universal hotel to a WDW hotel during our upcoming August split trip, we'll still be able to honor tradition and play it in the car...
  13. Weather_Lady

    News Disney's Magical Express to end after 2021

    I'll be very interested to see what Mears plans to charge. (I'm assuming it will be in line with current Mears shared shuttle pricing from MCO to WDW, which is $39/adult and $30/child roundtrip -- so a family of 4 with two kids 4-11 is looking at $140 plus tip for a shared ride with a potential...
  14. Weather_Lady

    trying to cancel 1 reservation, make another, neither app or web site working

    Respectfully, AS Music _is_ closed and has not been accepting new reservations. Are you perhaps thinking of AS Movies? That resort did open last month.
  15. Weather_Lady

    trying to cancel 1 reservation, make another, neither app or web site working

    I'm guessing maybe you're having issues because AS Music is currently closed with no reopening date announced yet? I'm a little confused as to how you got a reservation to a closed resort in the first place. If it's an old reservation, are you sure Disney didn't automatically already cancel it...
  16. Weather_Lady

    Seeking additional budget 'hacks' that you may use

    Here's how we save money (with apologies for repeating a few of the strategies already mentioned above): 1 - Minimize hotel expenditures by never paying rack rate: Visit during lower-priced seasons. Rent DVC points when possible, book an onsite hotel with a discount offer, or go offsite (but...
  17. Weather_Lady

    Tipping Bell Services

    The CM you talked to may be right, OP, or if they're not, this may be a situation where you have to work out the logistics with the assistance of a front desk manager at check-in, to make sure you have access to the ECVs without infringing on the fire code. I see enough oldster couples at WDW...
  18. Weather_Lady

    Grocery Delivery to Resorts

    Per a number of during-COVID articles I've recently seen on other sites, Bell Services will still accept grocery deliveries as before.* If you want Bell Services to bring the groceries to your room, there's an additional handling fee. ("Additional" = in addition to the tip you'll want to give...
  19. Weather_Lady

    Best lounge/bar in WDW

    Trader Sam's at the Polynesian is fun (although currently "temporarily closed").
  20. Weather_Lady

    Luggage Tags?

    You've got me coming back daily now to catch up on "luggage tag watch 2021." I picture them flying through your mail slot continuously, like Harry Potter's Hogwarts letters...
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