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  1. harryk

    Disney Merchandise Quality

    Has anybody noticed that the quality of Disney Merchandise, especially clothing, has slowly declined? Purchased T-shirts, sweat shirts, etc. as far back as 1977 up to 2017. The older clothing has not been shrinking, experienced little fading and held up very well right to today, while the...
  2. harryk

    Wheelchairs at WDW resorts

    Over the past few years we have been able to obtain 'courtesy' wheelchairs' at the various delux resorts where we have stayed (Wilderness Lodge and Boardwalk Villas). This past December (2015), I asked for a courtesy wheelchair and was told that they no longer provide them to guests and was...
  3. harryk

    Restaurant Tipping Policies

    What is the protocol for tipping at 'Be Our Guest' lunch? The table is empty of everything when you depart and left unattended for another 'guest' to sit down. There is nothing on the table to place a tip under or on - if you want to leave a tip for some exceptional service.
  4. harryk

    Gluten Free on the menu

    Does Tony's Town Square have gluten free spaghetti and meat balls? This has been my DW favorite selection at our yearly visit to Tony's. i.e. this is the only reason we visit Tony's and have no interest in anything else on the menu.
  5. harryk

    Illuminations fast pass

    Note that WDW is setting up testing for fast-pass sites around World Showcase for Illuminations. What is this going to achieve other than removing more unobstructed viewing sites from the general guest opportunities. All has worked out well since Illuminations opened some 12 years ago - why fix...
  6. harryk

    Diane at Whispering Canyon

    Now this is the server to have when you first come back to the World. She really makes you welcome and sets you off to a great vacation. Her humor is most suttle and stays with you throughout your visit. This past November (2012) she was our server at a late lunch and her attentiveness was...
  7. harryk

    Main Street Trolley

    During my first few visits to DisneyWorld my family was able to ride the Main Street Trolley up to the Castle and back if we wanted. Now some 40+ years later we rarely see the trolley at all and when we do it is associated with a show in front of the train station. Why has the trolley stopped...
  8. harryk

    The Wave at the Contemporary Resort

    Have you eaten there? Considering this December prior to MVMCP. What have you to say about it. There will be 7 adults, no children.
  9. harryk

    WDW Segway tours

    We took the Segway tour (off road type) at Fort Wilderness, December 2008 and had a grand time. The guides were exceptional and very patient with all of us. (There were 8 in our group). This year we note that there are now 2 tours offered at EPCOT. One uses the regular Segways that we see...
  10. harryk

    Christmas Day at WDW Dining

    This will be our first visit to WDW during Christmas. We shall be staying at VWL. Any suggestions as to where to dine for Christmas Dinner? :xmas::xmas: We shall be on the Delux Dining Plan -- but won't let that limit our options for Christmas Dinner. There will be no children with us.
  11. harryk

    WDW Laying off Cast Members

    Heard on the news yesterday that Cast Members were being laid off at WDW due to low park attendance. If this is the case, why is it so difficult to get reservations at the various hotels? Rooms not available even when you are willing to change your vacation dates? Resorts fully booked when...
  12. harryk

    WDW Dec 9-15 2008 Dining Plan

    Just returned from a great trip to the World.:xmas: We purchased the Basic Dining Plan, being unaware that there were three others. The dining plan we expected to get was to be similar to that of last year - where the three of us (all adults) had trouble using the various meal up (quick service...
  13. harryk

    Church Services

    Are there Sunday church services within the park? There use to be a Catholic mass at the Poly. Luau Cove. Are they still there?:xmas:
  14. harryk

    Walk around the Seven Seas Lagoon

    What happend to the concept of a walk-way around the Seven Seas Lagoon? This was one of the ideas out there when tiles were being sold to guests. I was initially told that the block to this was a bridge was needed connecting the Magic Kingdom to the Grand Floridian side of the Lagoon where the...
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