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  1. kmbmw777

    March Mania Season Three

    Overview Hello and welcome to March Mania Season Three (This year later than last year)! I am @kmbmw777, your gracious host. In this event (Note: This is not a competition), one can share their favorite projects that they have made previously in a competition or for fun! Then they are...
  2. kmbmw777

    March Mania Season Two

    Overview Hello and welcome to March Mania Season Two! I am @kmbmw777, your gracious host. In this event (Note: Not a competition), one can share their favorite projects that they have made previously in a competition or for fun! Then they are randomly pitted against projects of similar scale...
  3. kmbmw777

    Rewriting the DCEU

    Rewriting the DCEU DC used to be a film IP that wowed millions. Everyone was amazed by Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. Yet, the recent movies (with the exception of Wonder Woman) have been critical flops. While the dark overtone may have worked for Nolan's Batman, it does not apply to Man...
  4. kmbmw777

    Club 32 - Resorts

    As the first gate comes to a close, new projects to complete the resort must be considered. Where will guests stay when they come to Disneyland Sydney? This is where we, as armchair imagineers, step in to solve the problem. Now let's do what we do best and brainstorm!
  5. kmbmw777

    SWYTBAI S14.1

    The following is all simulated conversation, Project One: You're Tearing Me Apart, kev! Based on TheOrginalTiki's "Tommy's Planet" project from Season Twelve My cohost @Basketbuddy101 and I are proud to present... It's finally time to get to perhaps the most anticipated project of the...
  6. kmbmw777

    Disney Debates S2E1

    Welcome, one! Welcome, all! To a revival of an old project hosted by @DSquared! Much kudos to him, @TheOriginalTiki, and all who participated in Season One! With that said, the premise of this thread is simple. Myself or @David2319 will grant you and another a topic, and you will take a side...
  7. kmbmw777

    Dubai The World - My Dream Resort

    Disney, Universal, Warner Bros., and too many more to name present... The World The Most Unrealistic Project to hit the forums I sat down in a futuristic room with the mayor of Dubai. "We just got out of negotiations with the major movie studios, gaming industries, you name it! The World is...
  8. kmbmw777

    Islands of Adventure Horror Nights (by Team Goelz)

    5 mazes! 3 scarezones! 1 live show! All arrive at Universal Studio's Islands of Adventure this October. Read more below! This project is for SWYTBAI S14, Project 9.
  9. kmbmw777

    March Mania S1:RESULTS

    Welcome one! Welcome all! To Season One of this Month Long Event! Basically, with the start of March Madness in the real world, I had this idea to do something similar in this forum, especially with the growth of the community. Anyone can share their favorite Imagineering projects that they...
  10. kmbmw777

    News and Rumors - New Show coming Soon?!? (A SWYTBAI Project by Team Mist)

    Please Note: The following is an unique type of imagineering presentation with no intention of being taken seriously. Enjoy this entry for SWYTBAI: Season 14: Greatest Hits so ive heard from a trustable friend who is like an intern at disney imagineering that they are planning on adding a...
  11. kmbmw777

    Stark Industries - The Future of the MCU (Open Discussion)

    Here is the current State of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Phase One Iron Man (2008) The Incredible Hulk (2008) Iron Man 2 (2010) Thor (2011) Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) Marvel's The Avengers (2012) Phase Two Iron Man 3 (2013) Thor: The Dark World (2013) Captain America: The...
  12. kmbmw777

    The Nintendo Cinematic Universe: Imagineering some Movies

    Over the course of the next couple months, I plan to go in depth on some of the ideas for movies for the recently announced Nintendo movies that are being made. I think there is great potential for amazing storylines in these films, but there is also a lot of potential for them for being flops...
  13. kmbmw777

    2016 Year End Event - Eisner's Game: Movie Thread

    Movies Thread "So obviously there are more IPs to work with in the future which we don't know of right now. Which is why we have the Movies thread. ANYONE can post an idea for a movie (short description of characters and plot) in this thread and then use it to design rides, lands, etc. The...
  14. kmbmw777

    2016 Year End Event - Eisner's Game: Discussion Thread

    Current Roster @spacemt354 @tcool123 @mickeyfan5534 @CraniumCommand89 @KingOfEpicocity @MonorailRed @RMichael21 @IDInstitute @Magic Feather @ThemeParkGuru @DSquared Discuss!
  15. kmbmw777

    2016 Year End Event - Eisner's Game: An Imagineering Competition

    Coming Early December... THIS IS THE YEAR END EVENT Backstory To: The Sweet 16 Welcome Imagineers. You have been selected as the best (armchair) Imagineers of 2016. Therefore, as left in a document by former CEO Michael Eisner, please comply with the following: You’ll be back before...
  16. kmbmw777

    Eisner's Game Competion Hype Thread

    Coming Early December... Backstory Welcome Imagineers to the Walt Disney Research Laboratories where you have been selected to be sent to the future (using cryogenics) to design attractions with future technologies. What the future hold for Imagineering -- we have no idea right now. But...
  17. kmbmw777

    The EPCOT I Knew

    Introduction There are tons of post on here about ideas on how to improve EPCOT, whether "realistic or not." Most of these posts stress the same thing - the removal of most IPs and the reign of Figment and the Dreamfinder. In this post, I would like to share my opinion on how I believe...
  18. kmbmw777

    Star Wars Theme Park

    I found this on reddit and thought (though completely unrealistic) it looked neat and worth sharing. So here y'all go.
  19. kmbmw777


    Hi! My name is Kevin and I just finished my sophomore year in high school. I've been to Disney World and Disneyland. I would like to participate in some Imagineering contests and post some of my ideas here! Thanks for reading! :)
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