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  1. mpeters

    Do You Know A Disney Jerk

    So everyone knows pretty much why we are on these boards. It's because of our love for all things Disney related etc. Question is: Have you ever run into a Disney Jerk? By this I mean...........the person who tells you are planning you vacation the wrong way or belittles the excitement you...
  2. mpeters

    Your Opinion Needed

    So last year we went. I wore flip flops like I usually do. Needless to say the pair I brought were mysteriously removed from a pool area so I needed to purchase ones there. Bought the black mickey ones. WHOA big mistake....never felt foot pain like that before!!!! So in your opinion..... What...
  3. mpeters

    Disney2015 Booked!

    7/28 -8/7 staying at Beach Club!!!! Very excited
  4. mpeters

    Work Is For Suckers! Part 2

    I posted this thread a year or two ago. Peace out job!!! I leave for wdw in less than 24 hours!!! I know there is the "How many days for you?" thread......but maybe this thread could be used for people who work the day before they leave?????
  5. mpeters

    Your Favorite Acronyms

    So what are your favorite alternate acronyms for WDW? For example everyone knows what EPCOT stands for but my favorite is Every Person Comes Out Tired............. Can Include everything from rides to parks etc............
  6. mpeters

    Which Ride Would You Live In?

    Ok, I've searched the forum for this and even searched using different terms and found nothing. So I'm interested to know. If you could live in any ride, in any park, what would that be? For me it would be POTC because it is one of my most favorite rides to go on.
  7. mpeters

    Why Hat Hate?

    It's been spoken about before and maybe to death as well but I have to know: Why do so many people hate the Sorcerer Hat in DHS? I personally have no problem with it but maybe you know something I don't? So explain to me why you hate it. Maybe you can open my eyes up to something I've never...
  8. mpeters

    What Was Your Upgrade?

    Forgive me if this isn't in the right forum. I had replied to another thread and it got me thinking of this topic. Have you ever received an upgrade and what was it? How did you receive it? Was it due to an issue you were having or was it just because you had a great experience with a cast...
  9. mpeters

    Next Resort???

    Well here I sit 13 days until we leave for the world and we are already thinking about next year's trip. We are staying at WL for the first time and I am pretty excited about it. The last couple of years we stayed at CBR and before that (when my sons were smaller) at the POLY. We no longer stay...
  10. mpeters

    Character Palooza

    Why have I never heard of this before? Is it something they don't advertise? Or is it something that maybe I missed in all my years going?
  11. mpeters

    A Better You Thanks To WDW

    Thought I had today. Have you ever used your vacation to WDW to somehow improve yourself? For example: I am a smoker. Up until this point I loved smoking. I know all the health risks associated with it but I just kept on doing it. The only time I really don't smoke is on our annual trip to WDW...
  12. mpeters

    What Would Be Your choice

    Ok here is the made up choice: Free all inclusive vacation for 3-4 days at wdw with dinning plan and deluxe resort..... The stipulation is you are going when the crowds are the worst (mega tour group season), hot as hell, rainy, super long wait time (including fast pass plus). Or a week at the...
  13. mpeters

    Time Slows

    17 Days, 8 Hours, 17 minutes until we leave..................wow is it dragging......but who's counting?
  14. mpeters

    Wilderness Lodge Location

    So my family and I are staying at the wilderness lodge for the first time. I have no clue about the resort. We are staying in a standard room view. Where is the most ideal location for this type of room? Such as proximity to the food, pool, transportation etc.
  15. mpeters

    Work Is For Suckers!!!

    Peace out job!!!!! I leave for the world in 14 hours!!!!!!
  16. mpeters

    Crowd Levels

    So here is the million dollar question. Does nayone know what the crowds are like for say next week (August 6th on)? I have heard many different sides....... its crowded ( i expect that) or on the other hand...... its not as bad as you think, most of the southern schools have already started...
  17. mpeters

    Typhoon Lagoon

    Does anyone know why it was closed on 7/25?
  18. mpeters


    So we are leaving for the World in 12 days........the longest 12 days ever, but nevertheless, are very excited with anticipation. During these final countdown days I often sit and daydream about getting upgraded with our resort. We are staying at the CBR once again and always, in the back of my...
  19. mpeters

    OMG - I Cant Take It!!!!

    27 Days 13 hours 53 minutes left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's taking FOREVER...........
  20. mpeters

    Pin Code!!!

    So we received a pin code. It is good until August 14th. Our vacation at the world is until August 15th. Do you think that they will make us check out and check back in for the last day? Has this happened to anyone and did they allow you to keep the same room? For one day I cant see them doing...
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