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  1. MagicMegan

    Pre-Trip Family of 6... plus a newborn <3 12/8/2018-12/16/2018

    Hey all! I've tried writing trip reports before, but I've always failed. I get distracted, and life happens quickly once you're home... so here I go trying one more time. The plan thus far is... Me, D (my mom), Rae (my sister), Tony (my brother-in-law), Ang (14 y/o niece), Mac (5 y/o niece)...
  2. MagicMegan

    December 2018 roll call!!

    December 8-16!
  3. MagicMegan

    Dining Pl Snacks that are breakfast-ish

    When I was there last year I'm pretty sure the milk was included with the cereal and charged as 1 snack credit, but you can always just ask a cashier before picking.
  4. MagicMegan

    Best brunch at WDW

    I've been looking and thinking of possibly trying to get into one of the brunches that are available. Cali Grill and Narcooossee's look amazing, but I would probably like Morimoto's also. GAH! Are there more brunches? What's your favorite? And as always... pictures are always welcome!!
  5. MagicMegan

    Skipper Canteen vs Plaza Restaurant

    What did you eat?? I keep looking at the menu lol.
  6. MagicMegan

    Pre-Trip Double your pleasure, double your fun (someone stole my original title, so you get this instead).

    Can't wait to read this! I live in Buffalo and got great rates for this week from Southwest.
  7. MagicMegan

    Pre-Trip Walking the World Alone

    So, I leave on Monday at 7am... and I basically have nothing ready. I'm heading in for my 5th closing shift in a row (apparently being good at your job just gets you closing shifts until you DIE!), and still work Friday and Saturday this week. Here's to hoping I don't forget to pack underwear or...
  8. MagicMegan

    Skipper Canteen vs Plaza Restaurant

    It doesn't really matter... the menus for both places have lunch/dinner next to them on allears.
  9. MagicMegan

    Skipper Canteen vs Plaza Restaurant

    Trying to decide on a sit down for while I'm in MK... just me going. :happy: Pros/Cons... and as always, pictures of your food are appreciated!!
  10. MagicMegan

    Trip Report **COMPLETED** The Tale of Two Trips (finally moving on from the PTR)

    I'm only on page 14 right now but moving along quickly! Love the pics! Also... GO BILLS!!
  11. MagicMegan

    First solo trip

    Same... "You go to Disney so much... you must be rich." No... I just don't do anything else. Lately I pretty much quit drinking jest because I was spending way too much money and far too much time in bars. I'll be drinking on this trip, but it's Disney. I basically paid for my trip with the...
  12. MagicMegan

    First solo trip

    Right lol... I try to keep it civil at work, but I don't hang out with any of these people outside of work... I don't want them to go on vacation with me. And after telling them I would need like $700 asap they all kind of were like "Oh...". Yeah... I'm not paying for you. If you want to go...
  13. MagicMegan

    First solo trip

    I've been waitressing and bartending for 15 years... I can usually get my point across pretty well now. Sometimes with only a look. lol
  14. MagicMegan

    First solo trip

    I'm not sure why but this is one of my favorite rides... I always seem to laugh and the DUMBEST parts though, when no one is gets the little quip remarks the skipper makes, so everyone is staring at me and the CM is trying not to crack up at how hard I'm laughing...
  15. MagicMegan

    First solo trip

    A lot of people at work asked why I didn't invite them. At first I said sorry and asked if they wanted to go, but now my replies are more of a "If you have the money right now I can add you on, but honestly, I don't want anyone to go with me..."
  16. MagicMegan

    First solo trip

    I made some ADRs, then canceled them all. I'm torn on whether I want to be tied down to being somewhere at a certain time, or just winging it. I'm also not sure how much I will eat. I hate the humid hot, and don't eat much when I'm uncomfortable. So... lol
  17. MagicMegan

    Just started reading your trip report and saw that you're also from Buffalo. Yay!

    Just started reading your trip report and saw that you're also from Buffalo. Yay!
  18. MagicMegan

    Express Transportation

    I just realized this was a thing right before posting this, and I'm really thinking about it. I haven't added the hopper to my tickets yet but was planning on it, so this could save me a ton of time, especially since I'll be by myself.
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