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  1. MagicMegan

    Pre-Trip Family of 6... plus a newborn <3 12/8/2018-12/16/2018

    Hey all! I've tried writing trip reports before, but I've always failed. I get distracted, and life happens quickly once you're home... so here I go trying one more time. The plan thus far is... Me, D (my mom), Rae (my sister), Tony (my brother-in-law), Ang (14 y/o niece), Mac (5 y/o niece)...
  2. MagicMegan

    Best brunch at WDW

    I've been looking and thinking of possibly trying to get into one of the brunches that are available. Cali Grill and Narcooossee's look amazing, but I would probably like Morimoto's also. GAH! Are there more brunches? What's your favorite? And as always... pictures are always welcome!!
  3. MagicMegan

    Skipper Canteen vs Plaza Restaurant

    Trying to decide on a sit down for while I'm in MK... just me going. :happy: Pros/Cons... and as always, pictures of your food are appreciated!!
  4. MagicMegan

    Express Transportation

    [If this is in the wrong place I apologize!] Anyone use this yet? How did it work for you? I'll be in WDW for a solo trip for 5 days and think it might be worth it but not sure. Thanks!
  5. MagicMegan

    Getting a package sent to the hotel

    I want to order a few things like soda, bottled water and snacks and have them sent to the hotel so I can get them when I get there. I'm trying to decide between Garden Grocers, Amazon Prime Pantry, and taking an Uber to the store. I have a free ride from Uber so it might be worth it since I...
  6. MagicMegan

    Pre-Trip Walking the World Alone

    Hey all! This will be my first pre-trip, and second attempt at a trip report... the first one didn't go so well haha. But anyway, I'm Megan. I live in Western NY and work as a waitress. I've been to WDW 29 times so far, and have fell in love with completely new things in the last few years than...
  7. MagicMegan

    Adding DDP

    Can you add the DDP to your reservation once you get to the hotel and check in? Or does it have to be done before hand?
  8. MagicMegan

    Party of... one?

    I just made reservations for next month for a solo trip. I was thinking about scheduling a few ADRs just to break up the day and not have to eat QS the entire time. I know a lot of places would have room at bars for one, but what are your favorite places or places you think I should look in to...
  9. MagicMegan

    First solo trip

    I'm thinking about doing a solo trip the last week of May. I know it's soon but it's kind of a 'get away to keep my sanity' trip lol. It would be for 4 nights and I would most likely stay at POP. What are your pros and cons to solo trips so I can make the best decisions? :)
  10. MagicMegan

    MNSSHP Oct 30th

    Anyone else going? :D:p
  11. MagicMegan

    30th birthday at Disney... what to do?

    So Nov 2 is my 30th birthday, and first we were going to stay only until the 1st and I would be home for my birthday. Now that the list of who is playing in Epcot for F&W has come out my sister wants to stay to see Boys 2 Men... so it looks like I'll be spending my 30th in Disney. Any ideas on...
  12. MagicMegan

    I am now obsessed with SOTMK... Oct 14-20 TR

    Soooooooo I am going to finally try to actually write one of these things. I was going to once before, but forgot to take notes during the trip lol. Oops. This time I put my notes all in the notebook app on my iPhone, that spent the entire trip with me. This also meant I was carrying around my...
  13. MagicMegan


    I'm going on Oct 16, and still not sure if I want to dress up. Who else is going and as what? :)
  14. MagicMegan

    Who will be in the world October 19?

    So, I have an ADR at Le Cellier on the 19, for 3, but now my mom and niece don't want to go there (?? Lol). We are going the day before also. I am seeing if there are 2 people who would want to go to lunch with me that day, or 3 people that I could switch the ADR to or whatever you do with...
  15. MagicMegan

    Not a breakfast person...

    So sadly, I am not a breakfast person. At home, I'm never even awake at breakfast time. I never eat when I first wake up. BUT, in Disney, I get up earlier to be able to do more things. My issue has been finding something I want to eat before the lunch places open. I don't like eggs, and am...
  16. MagicMegan

    Food & Wine 2012 menu

    Thoughts? Also... CANADA Culinary Offerings: Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup Chicken Chipotle Sausage with Sweet Corn Polenta and "Minus 8" Onion Jam "Le Cellier" Wild Mushroom Beef Filet Mignon with Truffle Butter Sauce Whaaaaaaaatttt?? :)
  17. MagicMegan

    Art of Animation

    SO... we were planning on staying at CBR when we go Oct 14-20, but changed a week ago, to the brand new Art of Animation! Has anyone stayed here yet? I am extremely excited... :D:D:D:p
  18. MagicMegan

    Super stoked right now!

    So on a whim I looked for a lunch at Le Cellier on our last full day (Oct 19), and almost fell out of my chair when it showed one was available! :D So as of now, this is our dining for this trip... Oct 14 Arrival day, no ADRs right now. Oct 15 Ohana 7pm Oct 16 Tony's Town Square 11:30am...
  19. MagicMegan

    Jack Skellington birthday cake

    My sister just had a birthday, and as a surprise I had my friend make her a cake... thought you all might like to see the results!! Hopefully these show up... or I will put them on another site to get them to show.
  20. MagicMegan

    Zebra Dome birthday cake?

    My mom reads these posts a lot but never writes anything, but she told me someone had written about a birthday cake that was a zebra dome, just huge sized. Does anyone know where this was or how you order it? We will be there for my birthday and I want one... fo sho!! :slurp:
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