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  1. ogryn

    JS Errors on Trip Page

    Hi Steve, Did you know there are Javascript errors on the Trip Countdown page...? My WebDev tools are going crazy... it looks like something on a loop can't be found, or isn't assigned. :)
  2. ogryn

    The Big "Sit Down" or "Stand Up" poll!

    One of my friends refuses to use the Urinals, instead always going in a stall. As a man, I find this odd. Thus I'd like to take an extremely scientific poll on the subject to see if he is actually quite strange.
  3. ogryn

    Artist Banksy targets Disneyland

    Picture & More text @: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/5335400.stm
  4. ogryn

    Iger to make keynote speach at Conumer Electronics Show

  5. ogryn

    BBC Radio Documentary: AIN'T NO MICKEY MOUSE MUSIC (1/4)

    Listen again to the first episode (Real Audio - Copy The Link Into Real Player if it doesn't load automatically) I found it really interesting. I'm not sure if it's available to people in the states though... you'll have to click the link and try it. :wave:
  6. ogryn

    Disney lifts ban on Pooh gravestone

  7. ogryn

    Net neutrality backers fail to win over congress...

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/5063072.stm I really don't hope the ISP's get their way with this.
  8. ogryn

    Mini-Trip Report

    Ha! I tempted you in with the words Trip Report! This my friends is no ordinary WDWMagic Trip Report, as it doesn't involve Disney in the slightest! I know you are now all sitting there like :eek:, but it is true. In an effort not to sit in front of a computer screen all day AND all night, I...
  9. ogryn

    Playing with your Wii.....?

    I don't know whether to :lol: or :cry: ? http://revolution.ign.com/articles/703/703502p1.html http://revolution.nintendo.com/
  10. ogryn

    The Worst Theme Park in the World...?

    Fantazy Land, Alexandria, Egypt. as highlighted by somebody on Theme Park Review forums... You'll never complain at Disney again! :lol:
  11. ogryn

    Strikes & Riots

    With all the hoo-har going on about the employment laws for young people in France, is this affecting DLP in any way? Seeing DLP would have a lot of staff under 26, and possibly unionised, would they be striking as well?
  12. ogryn

    Jordan to renew her vows in Disneyworld

    http://www.digitalspy.co.uk/article/ds30765.html At which point, all our American friends go "Who....?" :lol:
  13. ogryn

    Park/Attraction Birthdays

    Hi Steve, Would there be any way to add a Park or Attractions birthday to either the Birthday list or Events list? IE: Magic Kindgom (40) -or- Haunted Mansion opened today in 19xx Or maybe even a "This Day In WDW History..." feature? I just think that'd be quite nice in amongst all...
  14. ogryn

    Disney Re-Jijs UK TV Services on Cable & Satellite

    Disney Re-Jigs UK TV Services on Cable & Satellite So basically, Disney Channel is now a basic subscription channel instead of an additional monthly fee (along with Playhouse Disney). ToonDisney has shut down, and has been replaced by the Premium Cinemagic Channel (£5 per month, or included...
  15. ogryn

    (South) UK Meet Planning

    Hi all, Barnum42 and I are planning a meet up at Thorpe Park this year, and we were wondering if anybody else was interesting in coming to make it a proper WDWMagic UK Meet? We were planning sometime in the off-season (small queues, and low chav-count). For those that don't know, Thorpe...
  16. ogryn

    Happy Birthday DisneyData

    Happy Birthday Nick Come back and pad with us sometime soon :wave:
  17. ogryn

    Happy Birthday Captain Hook + CrazyDaveH

    Both have a great day :wave:
  18. ogryn

    How Firefox can enhance your WDWMagic experience (Part Four A - Searching)

    Previous Articles: Spell Checking Extension Tab Browsing New Posts, Bookmarks, & Sidebar Mozilla Firefox is rapidly expanding open source web browser, with around 10% of the market share. It has a number of features that can make viewing and contributing to these forums easier. You...
  19. ogryn

    'Narnia' breaks Disney record in UK

  20. ogryn

    Firefox 1.5

    http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/ is out. New features include: Automatic Incremental Updates - Updates are now only a couple of hundred KB to download Redesigned Options Better Pop-Up Blocking Better Standards Support Faster Back/Forwards Buttons Clear Private Data Tool Report Broken...
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