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  1. juniorthomas

    Help that only you, my WDWMagic family, can provide

    As a one of the many who have had a 2020 trip cancelled - four times, I might add - I have been eager to find any way to partake in the wonder that is Walt Disney World. My cousin is currently on-property, so I was thinking that I could ask him to pick up some things from the parks that I cannot...
  2. juniorthomas

    Bob Iger Talks D+ with Bloomberg Business

    A great read about Bob Iger and D+ up at Bloomberg Business. Worth a look if you have a few minutes. Update: alternate link in case the first doesn't work.
  3. juniorthomas

    Hondo Ohnaka's Voice

    Hondo Ohnaka, as seen on Clone Wars and Rebels, and now on property at SW:GE, is voiced by voice actor Jim Cummings. If you aren't familiar with his name, you're most certainly familiar with his other work. He voices Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, the Tazmanian Devil, Pete from the Mickey Mouse...
  4. juniorthomas

    Popular rides/attractions you've (intentionally) never experienced

    I've been fortunate enough to have visited Walt Disney World many times in my life. I am an avid supporter of DisneyParks. I've been to shareholder meetings. I read multiple Disney blogs and I post on Disney forums. Clearly, I've bought in. Despite my fervor, there are rides and attractions at...
  5. juniorthomas

    Caribbean Beach Resort Construction: Is It Bad?

    Reserved a stay in February at the Caribbean Beach Resort. If anyone has stayed there recently, can you provide an update on how intrusive the construction is? Trying to see if there will be noise to contend with or extremely limited resort amenities. At the same time, if it is manageable, I...
  6. juniorthomas

    1900 Park Fare dinner - what do I need to know?

    I've got a reservation coming up for dinner at 1900 Park Fare and was wondering what those who have been think about it. Anything interesting/fun/helpful I should know before I go?
  7. juniorthomas

    When a ride you love gets a refurb during your stay

    I've got a two day visit coming up in December. About all I could afford, so I am hoping to do as much as possible. And then, checking the refurb updates so I can be better prepared, I see that the riverboat and TTA are going down for refurbishment - two things my DD is particularly excited...
  8. juniorthomas

    Two Days, Four Parks - Is it Possible?

    Next week I'm heading to The World with my wife and four year old DD. This is my DDs first visit ever, in addition to being the first visit with the three of us as a family. It's quick visit, so we'll only have two days to hit all four parks. While we wont have to factor in long line rides like...
  9. juniorthomas

    In-Park Birthday Planning: Help!

    Taking my soon-to-be 4-year-old DD on her first trip to The World this August. I've already talked to Disney Dining, and they are aware it's her birthday. Wanted to tap in to this great resource to help me figure out what I'm missing: is there anything else I should absolutely try to plan for...
  10. juniorthomas

    Anika Noni Rose is a Disney Legend?

    I just found out that Anika Noni Rose was given a Disney Legend honor in 2011. Somewhat surprised, since I had originally thought that this was only given out to people who made a significant contribution to TWDC. Not trying to put her down or anything, but as far as I know she worked on one...
  11. juniorthomas

    The Good Dinosaur - Logo Confirmed

    It seems an event down under has confirmed that the logo leaked for the upcoming Disney/Pixar film The Good Dinosaur is in fact accurate. (Source here) I love the typeface choice. Furthermore, I like that they chose to "cartoon" the dinosaur, so to speak. I'm really looking forward to seeing...
  12. juniorthomas

    Young Carl Fredricksen/Ellie toy?

    Does DCP make a plush version of young Carl Fredricksen or Ellie? They're adorable.
  13. juniorthomas

    Disney Kudos / NextGen phase II?

    Stitch Kingdom links to an article describing another part of NextGen. Intriguing. Discuss: http://www.stitchkingdom.com/disney-kudos-details-60268/
  14. juniorthomas

    First Time Trip for a Seasoned Disney Vet

    I've been to The World so many times, I've lost count. Whenever family members or friends (or, let's face it, people I don't even know) mention taking a trip to Disney, I turn into a tour guide of sorts, spouting off buckets of information that they'll never remember in a failed attempt to try...
  15. juniorthomas

    Biggest Mistakes in WDW

    In your opinion, which attractions/restaurants/resorts should never have happened at Walt Disney World? I'm not particularly happy about LMA, myself It's a lot of property for not a lot of fun. But that's just me - what do you think?
  16. juniorthomas

    How could Disney Enhance the Bus Ride experience

    If you're on property, you're going to ride Disney buses. In my experience, those bus rides are probably the least Disney-esque part of being at WDW. Anyone have any ideas as to how they could spruce them up, either thematically or in any other way, to make them less of a drag?
  17. juniorthomas

    Al's Toy Barn in The World?

    I'm thinking they should have an Al's Toy Barn on property. Either in Downtown Disney (which means they'd simply have to rebrand Once Upon a Toy) or in a park (perhaps taking over the little shop in Pixar Place or maybe taking over the Caspian space). Nice way to tie in the movies and bring...
  18. juniorthomas

    New POTC Ride?

    Slashfilm is rumoring that Shanghai Disneyland is getting a new Pirates ride, unlike the current versions at DL or WDW. Thoughts? http://www.slashfilm.com/disneys-developing-pirates-caribbean-ride-based-movie-series-disneyland-attraction/
  19. juniorthomas

    Things everybody loves at WDW - except you

    I'm going to come out and say it, even if it means I'll earn the eternal ire of most of you reading this: I don't really like dole whips. What is something that everyone else seems to like, but you aren't particularly into? (Rides, food, anything...)
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