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  1. kaos

    Rumor Higher Speed Rail from MCO to Disney World

    I'm sure the seats are reversible just like every other passenger train
  2. kaos

    The Muppets Present… Great Moments in American History'

    Tried to find an answer, but couldn't, so I searched and found this thread. Are these AA's or actual Muppets with performers? I watched the video with my boys and that can't wait to go back to see it live. We were there when they were still building it over the summer.
  3. kaos

    The Yankee Trader closing for refurbishment - is a dedicated Haunted Mansion gift shop coming?

    So Now A Ghost Can Follow Me Home, But Not The $19.95 For The Pic
  4. kaos

    Upcoming/Rumored Projects

    A bus driver told me that the new star wars land is going to be where RnR is now and that the building was designed to be moved easily from one location to another. Can someone verify it for me? :facepalm:
  5. kaos

    Town square theatre fire

    so to summarize- there may have been a fire, I may or may not be able to refill my mug; it all depends on if I remembered to make my rezie, Uni has better fire extinguishers, and I need to have an RFID implanted in my left teste for my dongle to work. Did I miss anything?
  6. kaos

    D23 2012 Events announced Including Epcot's 30th

    I COMPLETELY missed that part of the D23 Fanfare!!! Guess it's not wise to read with a 2 year old pounding on the bathroom door.... :drevil:
  7. kaos

    Test Track refurb???

    There are sponsors of attractions in ALL the parks! KODAK, Stauffers, Nestle, McDonalds at one time, RCA, FedEx, Carnation, FujiFilm... Even It's a Small World is sponsored by Mattell... This is nothing new in any Disney park and will continue far into the future
  8. kaos

    So what's the status with Oswald?

    Oswald plushes are available at the Disney Store. It's only a matter of time until the Lucky Rabbit makes his appearance in the parks... and we have the NFL and Sunday Night Football to thank for the return of little black and white bunny. Best trade ever!
  9. kaos

    Does Anyone Have A Carousel of Progress Sign Update?

    The year feature was only intended to be a short term feature around the 1999-2001 period; the whole attraction was to be removed and replaced around that time. I think it's a good sign that the new sign is in, meaning that there are plans to leave the attraction in place and maybe give it...
  10. kaos

    Disney Vacation Club president leaves company

    :animwink: Many of us have tried.... :animwink:
  11. kaos

    Magic Kingdom: the movie

    Sitting on my thumbs as to not get drawn in.....
  12. kaos

    WDWMAGIC 15 Year Anniversary Guest Book

    All the way to the end of the line... Happy 15th! Isn't it nice to know that there is always someplace fun to hang out at in cyberland?
  13. kaos

    Buying food for DVC Suites

    I usually drive down, so a quick trip to Publix is all I do; however, on those rare trips where we fly and use ME instead of renting a car or driving in from PBI, we generally find that the food prices in the "convient" stores at the DVC villas aren't that different from a 7/11 or other food...
  14. kaos

    Magic Kingdom currently closed to some guests due to capacity (phase 2) (Wed 29 Dec)

    I normally do not comment on posts like this one, but I have to tell you, I'm a DVC member, and every DVC cast member I speak with reminds me CONSTANTLY that when I'm booking for Christmas, New Years, July 4th, Columbus Day, any "peak" time, that crowds may be larger and to expect longer lines...
  15. kaos

    What goes on in the old Image Works?

    my Imangination requires some visual stimulation as a point of reference for this... PICS PLEASE! :)
  16. kaos

    Small Monorail Update

    I think that WDW should go the route of the DL system- full color with white luminous striping
  17. kaos

    Villian park?

    Can you get there in a Mr. Toad motorcar???
  18. kaos

    Snow in WDW?

    I've been at WDW three times when it's snowed- December 1980 - flurries December 1991 - flurries December 1999 - stuck around on the ground for a few seconds then melted All three times, we were at LBV, so it wasn't MK magic
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