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  1. luv

    Flower & Garden - who is going?

    Spring is just around the corner and these chilly days will give way to 82 degrees again! Little buds will be spurting out and bursting into glorious bloom! Magnificent colors and happy butterflies and who knows what else they have in store for us this year! :) I'm very excited about Flower &...
  2. luv

    Disney Resolutions for 2014

    Have any? I'm going to see the stunt show in DHS. I'm going to take pictures, especially at Flower & Garden.
  3. luv

    The Officially Unofficial Halloween 2014 thread.

    ...or maybe it's Unofficially Official... Here we go! A Boo to You! Later this year, @Nemo14 will probably begin a "Who is going when?" thread, which I will link right here. Please add you pics, tips and suggestions for a wonderful Halloween season (September & October)!!!!! Here's mine...
  4. luv

    Ever get a letter from a rental car company saying you damaged the car?

    Damaged, not dammed. Auto-correct. I rented a car from Avis about a month ago. Now I got a letter asking for details on the damage to the vehicle, specifically the "FB HOOD", whatever that is. Avis wants all this information about something that never happened. There was no damage to this...
  5. luv

    Disney has to keep it's staff updated on these bands.

    I was in Epcot the other night and in the fast food place in America, some people were attempting to pay with their bands, but the bands didn't work. They were asked for their card and replied that they didn't get one. The staff member told them everyone gets a card to use when the bands don't...
  6. luv

    Arabian Nights is closing...

    Tickets are half-price now and the last show is on New Year's Eve. That's all I know. That's what they said on the news. :)
  7. luv

    Non-dining plan people...how often do eat in WDW?

    How often do you eat at WDW? I've often wondered how others do it. I was always a breakfast and dinner person. Sometimes a late lunch and late dinner. The meals are so big that two was more than enough and I didn't want to waste too much time on eating. So, how about it? How do you do it...
  8. luv

    Drunk Driving teen kills 4, injures 9. His defense? Rich and spoiled.

    Kid pleads Guilty but gets no jail time because his parents are wealthy, didn't set limits and made excuses for bad behavior. He is plagued by - get this - "Affluenza", so he goes to rehab/therapy and has ten years of probation. I am wondering if his parents didn't pay someone off for the "But...
  9. luv

    Orlando News...

    Universal's "major announcement": CityWalk to add eight new venues, opening over the next year, including Hot Dog Hall of Fame, CowFish (burgers and sushi), Cold Stone Creamery, Menchie's, Antojito's Mexican, Bread Box ("a modern Italian kitchen concept" ???) and Red Oven Pizza. (There can...
  10. luv

    Gone Girl

    They're making a movie of it. I just heard this. (Maybe everyone who would care already knows.) Ben Affleck as Nick Dunne. I don't know if that the route I'd have gone. If you read the book, what do you think of Ben as Nick?
  11. luv

    Cabana Bay Resort suites deal

    Watch your emails! Cabana Bay is sending promo deals to book a suite for the cost of a room. :)
  12. luv

    Which Moderate for you and why?

    If you've stayed at all of them, multiple times, and have an extremely informed opinion, great. If you've only stayed at one, that's cool, too. Even if you can't afford it or can afford better and haven't stayed at any of them... Which one do you pick and why?
  13. luv

    What is the "major announcement" Uni is making on Thursday?

    I saw on the news that Uni is making a "major announcement" about CityWalk on Thursday. Since I know everyone here usually knows these things in advance, can someone clue me in? Hoping it isn't benches. :)
  14. luv

    Dear Sea World...

    I will be sneaking in some dried fruit and nuts. I've been doing this in a false-bottomed purse but will now be putting them in my pockets. I realize this is against the rules. I'm even telling you how I do it. Catch me if you can!! Sincerely, Pseudo Criminal
  15. luv

    Sea World challenged the ban on trainer interaction.

    I read this after a friend told me, so maybe everyone knows, already. I hope they win. Fingers crossed. In other Sea World news, Lil Joe, the rescued, released, then re-rescued manatee, is moving from Sea World to Disney. :) I think they should stop trying to release poor Lil Joe and let him...
  16. luv

    Epcot closing the parking lot

    It's kind of full. Closing the lot apparently requires like every parking person's presence. It seem like they're all there. It's busy in here.
  17. luv

    Has the monorail always had a time posted above the entrance?

    When you're leaving the MK and getting on the Express monorail and you walk under the sign/arch...has there always been a wait time posted on the top of the sign/arch? I saw this for the first time ever today, lol.
  18. luv

    I was choking back the laughs as soon as the story began...

    An Orlando man decided to make fireworks at home. (Excellent plan. What could possibly go wrong?) One went off. (Quelle surprise!) He's fine. His poor neighbors were evacuated as a precaution. Other Orlando news... Pizza guy gave robber his money, but robber still shot him in the back...
  19. luv

    I like to think of myself as young-at-heart...

    ...a progressive(ish) woman who keeps up with the times (some) and remembers what it's like to be a child or be raising one. I like kids! But when a teen stands at my door, no costume, kind of balancing his pillowcase in his third and pinky fingers - in my general direction while he STANDS...
  20. luv

    If your chicken had a "sell by Oct. 27" on it, would you use it on the 28th?

    That's my whole question. :)
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