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  1. mickeymouse090

    Your Favorites

    Not including attractions because those should be obvious…but what are some of your favorite places/things to see while at Disney, whether it be in the parks, the Boardwalk or Downtown Disney? Same thing when it comes to shopping, what are you favorite stores to shop in? My last trip was in 2006...
  2. mickeymouse090

    January 2009 Hours???

    Come on already, what is the hold up!! :brick::brick:
  3. mickeymouse090

    EMH/Wristband question

    How does getting a wristband work for EMH? Do you have to already be in the park during the day or can you show up in the evening close to when the hours are to start & get a wristband to stay? Thanks! :wave:
  4. mickeymouse090

    I need some help-change in our trip

    I need some help, we have had a change in our plans for our trip & I don’t know what is the best thing to do. We have 3 traveling in our party but one of them will only be staying for only half of the trip now because of a promotion at work. :) We were originally going to book a package staying...
  5. mickeymouse090

    Off property question-Sea World

    We are going to The World in January, we will be staying for 9 days & have a lot of things planned at Disney. We are thinking about going off property though one day to Sea World. We have never been to Sea World Orlando before, is it worth it to put in the extra cost & time to go over for the...
  6. mickeymouse090

    Countdown to January Hours!!

    The countdown to January hours has begun! :sohappy: :sohappy:For everyone planning a trip to The World at that time let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long for the hours to be posted! I am excited it’s finally here & looking forward to being able to finalize things now!! Hurry, Hurry & post...
  7. mickeymouse090

    Golfing Advance Reservations

    I have read that you can book your golf tee times 90 days in advance, is this the absolute earliest that you can book them? I just wanted to make sure in case there was something I just didn't know about. My brother plans on golfing while we are at The World & I don't know the in's & out's on...
  8. mickeymouse090

    Heard anything more about the SM rehab??

    I know a lot of posts have been out on Space Mountain closing in January 2009 for a major rehab, but I was wondering if anyone has heard when in January this may happen? I have a trip planned in January and I am hoping that it won't be closed down for my entire trip there. Just thought I...
  9. mickeymouse090

    Posting January Hours???

    So how late do you think WDW will be posting the hours for January 2009? :ROFLOL: They were awfully late posting the last batch of hours on the calendar! I hope it's not too long because I want to finalize some of our itinerary so we can start looking forward to booking activities. Happy...
  10. mickeymouse090

    Booking Help

    I need a little bit of help on something…we are going to book our package with AAA when the new rates come out, but since Disney doesn’t do them usually until August that puts us past 180 days by an entire month. I could be making our ADR’s already, I am afraid that some restaurants could book...
  11. mickeymouse090

    Tours at Walt Disney World

    On my next trip down to Disney I would like to take in a couple of tours. Some of us want to do tours at MK while others want to do some at AK. So basically we are going to have to narrow them down & make some choices. We are deciding on: Backstage Safari Wild by Design Keys to the Kingdom...
  12. mickeymouse090

    Golfing at Walt Disney World

    Hey everyone, I need some help on golfing at WDW...my brother would like to hit a few of the championship golf courses on our trip in January and I am looking for any advice on booking, discounts, favorite courses...etc. :shrug: This is my brother's first trip back to the World in about 15...
  13. mickeymouse090

    Animal Kingdom Lodge Advice

    I need some help with booking my room at Animal Kingdom Lodge. I have been to Disney before but will be a first timer to AKL. We are planning on a standard savanna room but which savanna do you recommend staying on. From my research I thought the Sunset would be the best because it seemed to...
  14. mickeymouse090

    Boardwalk Area

    I have not been to the Boardwalk area before and would like to stop over there on my next trip. I know you can get there through Epcot, but is that the only way to go? We will probably go there our first day because we will check-in late & need something to do. We are staying at Animal Kingdom...
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