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  1. doop

    Error Message

    For some reason, I keep getting this error when I try to access certain threads and forums, but it doesn't happen everytime I click the link. The error is: PHP has encountered an Access Violation at 7C81BD02. I'm not sure what happened or if it's a problem with my internet or with the site itself.
  2. doop

    What are you listening to?

    Well, what are you listening to? Right now I'm listening to Bob Dylan - Shelter From the Storm.
  3. doop

    Half Life 2

    I got it tonight and all I can say is wow! The graphics are absolutely amazing! Anyone else gonna buy it?
  4. doop

    SGE segment on Disney Channel

    Ok, so I'm watching Disney channel and this segment comes on during the commercials, I think it was called the Disney Files, and they showed the inside of the SGE and part of the attraction. Has anyone else seen this? I think it's fairly new.
  5. doop

    New WDW T.V. Commercial

    I'm not sure how long it has been running, but I just a saw a WDW commercial that says value resort prices start at 55$. Has anyone else seen this?
  6. doop

    Counter Strike Anyone?

    It is my favorite video game and I love to play it. Does anybody else play?? If so, I'd like to play with you some time.
  7. doop

    Cheney Coming To my High School

    FYI: This is not a a political post. That's right, ________ Cheney will be coming to my high school gymnasium in the small town of Nazareth, PA. I thought this was cool so I thought I'd share. I don't know why he would choose such a small town. :veryconfu
  8. doop

    Ignore this.

  9. doop

    Food Network Special

    Last night on food network, there was an unwrapped episode where they went inside restaurants and food at WDW. It was also an hour long. Did anybody else see this?
  10. doop

    Ecv Mayhem!!!

    On my last visit to WDW, the number of ECV's that I saw was greatly increased from my visit previous to this one. In two instances I wondered if people just use ECV's as an excuse to get in the front of lines or get through the crowds. The first instance was in the Magic Kingdom just before the...
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