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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, garyhoov

    I am finding the ten year anniversary gifts seem to all be cheap metal... Tin, aluminum etc. We could all send Reynolds wrap as a gift! :)
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    ASJHLJ's (George"s) spring break 2011 trip report

    *thumbs* I don't need chronological order, as long as there are pretty pictures :lookaroun
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    Inaugural 2010 Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon Race Report

    I wonder if the "spent" feeling you and many others experienced was simply because it was so late? :shrug: Thanks for posting Doug! :wave: (:lookaroun yes, yes, I know... look who's out of the anemone :ROFLOL: )
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    TRAMP - Semper Fi

    With a heart of gold! My condolances to his family. So very sad. Rest in Peace, Tramp.
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    Happy Birthday, Old Hairy Man!

    Happy Birthday! I thought Gary was 40. Again. Still? :p
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    Crab cakes?

    Just had a really good one at The Wave in the Contemporary a couple days ago. Very good :)
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    Off site November 25 to 30...

    :wave: I have a friend who is covering an event at WWoS Nov 25 to 30, and wanted to stay offsite, any ideas as to the best location for her to get there and back? Reasonably priced of course, she won't have time to hit any parks so that isn't really a consideration. Thanks!
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    So... What is for Dinner?..:)

    Yeah had a couple do that... is there any way to protect them from that? I don't suppose covering them up would help during rainstorms :lol: :shrug:
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    So... What is for Dinner?..:)

    Well, no harm in letting them sit out there the rest of the summer. :lol: Maybe I'll get a ripe one out of the bunch yet :hammer: Now the basil beside them is just going crazy!
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    So... What is for Dinner?..:)

    Yes, summer just hit yesterday :lol: Well shucks, even with the newly arrived heat, I wonder if they get enough sun :( Next year I'll have to put some thought into what I'm doing. I basically threw them in an open spot where I knew they'd get quite a bit of sun, but it certainly isn't all...
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    So... What is for Dinner?..:)

    You wouldn't happen to be able to tell me why my tomatoes refuse to turn red, would you? :lookaroun They grow and grow, but there are a couple on there that for weeks now have looked like they are big enough, but never turn red! I wonder if I didn't plant them in enough sun or something :shrug:
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    So... What is for Dinner?..:)

    Oh you poor thing :lookaroun :lol:
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    Happy Birthday Rain! (rainfully)

    Happy Birthday!! :sohappy:
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    So... What is for Dinner?..:)

    I am trying to force down some salmon :ROFLOL: Someday I'll eat like a grownup :o I just do not like this stuff (but I hear I'm "supposed" to be eating it, if I can)
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    So... What is for Dinner?..:)

    Leftovers night:dazzle:
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    Best Creme Brulee???

    Is there such thing as a "bad" creme brulee? :confused: :lol: The banana creme brulee at Kona is YUMMY :slurp: There is a layer of chocolate under the creme brulee that makes it soooooooo good.
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    Slappy's moral dilemma du jour

    Alright slappy, what's it gonna be? :lol:
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    Slappy's moral dilemma du jour

    I agree that I'd send the letter back "return to sender" "wrong address" whatever (didn't Elvis write a song answering this question? :lookaroun ) Where is the post office, Disney, and your sister's place in making sure the letter gets where it needs to be? :lol: HER letter is not YOUR...
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    Jon & Kate Plus 8

    Right... if you watch the original specials on the family, OMG what a difference. Now I am not saying I wish poverty and exhaustion on anybody :lol: :lookaroun but it seems back in those simpler times when they were working to make ends meet there was a lot more mutual respect and a "need" for...
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    how difficult is it with a 3-4 month old

    I agree with Mom, timing of trip as far as crowds goes would influence me more than age of baby :lol: When we went at spring break our youngest was just shy of 6 months old, and it was a breeze, and very enjoyable. I didn't take her for her benefit, but for mine. :ROFLOL: And if you are nursing...
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