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  1. Cre8iveN8ive

    Applying for position with Universal Orlando

    Good afternoon - I typically scan the forums and read what's posted versus posting myself. However, I wanted to take a moment and inquire if anyone is familiar with the hiring process at Universal Orlando. I have a background in management and just applied for an Assistant Manager position in...
  2. Cre8iveN8ive

    Wdw christmas parade taping

    Hello everyone, The tickets are live. Participation for this year's WDW Christmas Parade taping is open and ready for ticket/voucher requests!!! Saturday, December 5th, 2009 - THIS DATE IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE Friday Dec 4th -...
  3. Cre8iveN8ive

    Weird Feeling!

    Hello My Fellow Disney Friends, I am wondering. Why do I feel like I can't go back to Disney and it feel the same as it did before? I am sure others on here and not on here feel the same thing quite frequently. I used to love going to Disney, every weekend I could. When I had a fiance, I...
  4. Cre8iveN8ive

    Park Show Times

    I remember a couple of days ago somebody posted a website about show times at the parks in the world. I am just trying to figure things out because we are going park hopping tomorrow :) Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! :xmas:HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!:xmas:
  5. Cre8iveN8ive

    Magic Kingdom Question before my mini-trip before I leave at 4am

    Can anyone tell me, me and my fiance are heading to the world tomorrow, we have our annual pass, and I went last year in December and was just wondering if the regular wishes is on non-party nights or do they do Holiday Wishes on these nights as well? Just a quick question. Hopefully if not...
  6. Cre8iveN8ive

    2007 Christmas Parade Production

    I just got off the phone with a Lightship Entertainment Representative (the production company that tapes the Christmas Parade usually), as well as, a Disney Guest Services Rep. and just wanted to provide you with what info. I found out about the Parade Tapings this year. From what I was told...
  7. Cre8iveN8ive

    Hilton at Downtown Disney?

    I just booked the Hilton at Downtown Disney for July 3-5th. Has anyone stayed here before? If so, how was your stay? Likes and Dislikes? Just curious.
  8. Cre8iveN8ive

    New Year's Eve @ MK

    HAPPY NEW YEAR'S ALL MY WDWMAGIC FRIENDS Well, yesterday was the first day that I had a Disney Annual Pass. Got it for Christmas. I decided to go to the park yesterday (MK that is: hint the title) And it was packed!!!! But I am not complaining. I enjoy 'people' watching and listening...lol I...
  9. Cre8iveN8ive

    Christmas Parade 06 Tapings Information

    Good Afternoon All My Fellow Disney Lovers... :p :xmas: I got some news from Lightship Entertainment about Christmas Parade Tapings. Of course like usual, it will take place the first weekend of the month of December, and more information will be placed on their website in the soon to near...
  10. Cre8iveN8ive

    Christmas Parade Production/Tapings???

    Good Afternoon All, I know it is kinda early to be mentioning Christmas:xmas: already...but last year I missed out on production/taping experiences which I have never been to. Last year was the first time that I found out that the production company and disney give out special passes for...
  11. Cre8iveN8ive

    RollerCoaster Accident In Florida (Cypress Gardens)

    I know this is not Disney related, but thought some of you would like to know that there was an accident at Cypress Gardens in Fla. involving their Hurricane Coaster. (Thats the name of the coaster, or at least part of it.lol) Just click on the SUPER long link below to read more about it...
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