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  1. Joseph360

    What is it about Toy Story Midway Mania....

    It's a VERY popular ride, it's been only about a year, and people LOVE it. I went Jan. 16-24 and one morning we went and we rode a few rides, then passed by the time board... 100 min.:eek: I couldn't believe it, but my dad said for that, it's typical, so be ready anyone who wants to ride in the...
  2. Joseph360

    Merchandising gone amok

    :confused:I have seen the mickey pizzas..... NEVER HEARD of DDuck OJ, Mickey Nuggets, OR Disney EGGS:confused:
  3. Joseph360

    Sounds Dangerous???

    Does not sound too fun:confused:
  4. Joseph360

    Hey haven't been on in a long time just hoping ya'll are doin' good. Does Lindsey STILL think...

    Hey haven't been on in a long time just hoping ya'll are doin' good. Does Lindsey STILL think i'm cute? JUST WONDERING...
  5. Joseph360

    Sounds Dangerous???

    I have heard of it, but never got to see it, EVER. So i'd like to know a little about Sounds Dangerous??:confused:
  6. Joseph360

    Which park do you think has the most potential?

    Hollywood Studios because of Pixar:wave:
  7. Joseph360

    Your First Disney Ride?

    First ride was SSE in '98. My parents say after that i threw my bottle in the big fountain, so my mom got another one, and i threw that one too!!:ROFLOL:
  8. Joseph360

    New Street Party at the MK?

    It sounds pretty awesome, but i just left 2 weeks ago, and i'll probably have 2 wait about 2 years to see it!:( But i'm sure it'll be great!:sohappy:
  9. Joseph360

    Mount Disneymore

    I love the idea! 1. Mickey-started it all! 2. Minnie- the most stylish mouse on the planet! 3 The Pixar Lamp- Everyone loves the Lamp:sohappy: it's Pixar! 4. probably Buzz- Leads us into the future! Hollywood Studios- The world of STARS! It would fit perfect!:sohappy::cool::sohappy:
  10. Joseph360

    Early Monorail from EPCOT to Contemporary

    I agree. You'd basically make 4 stops, and change monorails:eek:. Drive.
  11. Joseph360

    One and Done

    I was on the Teacups ONCE... never goin' back:confused::confused: The ride was dumber than Aladdan:hammer::hammer:
  12. Joseph360

    What Ride would you replace ?

    Me too! The ride is like boring TORTURE!!:ROFLOL::ROFLOL::ROFLOL::ROFLOL:
  13. Joseph360

    Scratched Queue Walls?

    All of you are absoulutely right! these people come to Orlando and destroy the dream that Walter Elias Disney never got to see!:cry: i can never understand why parents who pay so much to go, get there, and leave it worse than found! I hope you all stand by keeping walt's dream alive forever...
  14. Joseph360

    Scratched Queue Walls?

    i have always noticed... people just scratch up the ride queue line walls, such as buzz and toy story mania. Any of you noticed?:brick:
  15. Joseph360

    Things that gross you out in WDW.

    When people scratch the paint off the ride queue walls, it's destruction of disney property
  16. Joseph360

    How Many Mickey's?

    :sohappy:Only one forever!:sohappy:
  17. Joseph360

    WDW Picture of the Day (Part 3)

    : Minnie!!:o:o
  18. Joseph360

    Guests who Destroy the Magic

    Funny Quote!!:lol: By the way, just so you know, i'm Cooleo's son, the one that you're daughter likes:o:o:o
  19. Joseph360

    Guests who Destroy the Magic

    I know, Dad, I hate that! Hey, Wait, i don't even know why i'm talking to you, you're my Dad!:lol::lol:
  20. Joseph360

    Ever gone with a Disney Virgin??

    Okay, I have a few of those experiences: 1. Me and my parents went with my Aunt Susie (who is really not my aunt, just a friend of my parent's, i dont know how i got to calling her aunt?:veryconfu) But, anyway, one of the days we were there we had...
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