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  1. Joseph360

    Sounds Dangerous???

    I have heard of it, but never got to see it, EVER. So i'd like to know a little about Sounds Dangerous??:confused:
  2. Joseph360

    Scratched Queue Walls?

    i have always noticed... people just scratch up the ride queue line walls, such as buzz and toy story mania. Any of you noticed?:brick:
  3. Joseph360

    Have You Ever Been "That Guy" at Laugh Floor

    One time at WDW we had gone to Laugh Floor and the Characters started picking on my Dad. It went on for the whole Show! My Dad didn't even know what they were talking about!:ROFLOL:At the end of the show a CM gave him a sticker that said, "I was that Guy". Just Wondering if any of you have ever...
  4. Joseph360

    Fav Sports Team

    I know it isn't disney, but so many signatures say your favorite sports teams, so i just want to know who your team is:veryconfu
  5. Joseph360

    How Many trips to WDW (or Disneyparks) ?

    I Have been EIGHT times to WDW. Hoping to go on Disney Cruise soon. Been so many times it is like a home away from home:lol::lol::lol:
  6. Joseph360

    Splash Mountain!!!!!!!

    I am posting a new thread about Splash Mountain. I looovvvveee Splash Mountain and hope ya'll all love it too!!!:king: My most favorite part is the 50-foot drop. I hope everyone sees my thread and replys. thank you.:) :) :) :) :) :) :D :D :D
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