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  1. TheDisneyMagic

    Pirates Of The Caribbean Theme Played On 8 Floppy Drives

    I thought this was pretty clever, someone has managed to recreate the theme tune to Pirates using eight Floppy disk drives. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ci8qcIGWlCY&feature=player_embedded It must of taken a long time to produce.
  2. TheDisneyMagic

    Star Tours recreation ST 45

    I just thought I would share this, currently being shared around Facebook. A recreation of Star Tours known as the ST-45 project that has been created in CGI. The team have done an amazing job and I love the little Nine Eye tribute near the end as well...
  3. TheDisneyMagic

    Work at the Marketplace

    Just popped in to the Marketplace at Downtown Disney and there are construction walls up outside the World of Disney, looks like they are going to re-surface the area. It is quite a large section walled off going from the outside of the store and is about 60% of the depth going towards the...
  4. TheDisneyMagic

    Disney - Windows 8 launch partner

    Microsoft have just announced in a press conference that Disney will be a launch partner for Windows 8 next year, providing books and magazines for the Windows 8 store due to launch with the new operating system next year. For any one curious, the Developer Preview is already available and an...
  5. TheDisneyMagic

    Tiny Test Track update

    Hi everyone, just a tiny little update I noticed recently but hadn't seen mentions, I know the new LED head lights have already been posted but On Star is now mentioned at the end of the attraction. Just as the car is reaching the last monitor of the attraction after the thermal imaging but...
  6. TheDisneyMagic

    Epcot music update

    This is just a small update but I hadn't seen it out there at all. The preshow Illuminations: Reflections of Earth soundtrack has been switched back to the original one from when the show first originated. The new male speils have been edited in to this version as well and it is great to...
  7. TheDisneyMagic

    Magic Kingdom new toll booths

    Over the last couple of weeks, new toll booths have appeared on site right outside the current booths to the right hand side. They all first appeared wrapped in brown paper now they have all been unwrapped and sitting there waiting to be installed. Sorry I havent got any photos as have to...
  8. TheDisneyMagic

    New Journey into Imagination T-Shirts

    Hey everyone, not sure if these were posted with the new Retro Epcot shirts but I haven't seen them. Popped in to Epcot this evening and popped to see my favourite purple dragon! After my little encounter I noticed these in the gift shop. Dreamfinder and Figment - $19.95 Ref: 4 00000 59233...
  9. TheDisneyMagic

    A few Epcot bits and bobs.

    Popped in to Epcot tonight, the main reason was I booked up the Candlelight Processional for the family to see Whoopie Goldberg. The show was absolutely fantastic, it is one of my favourite things to do every Christmas season. Everything from the Orchestra to the Choir to the lighting to the...
  10. TheDisneyMagic

    Christmas beginning at DHS

    As you guys already know the Dream lights have begun being installed on Cinderella Castle over the last week, it has been progressing quite fast there are now strands on both sides of the castle. As of today, I noticed that they have started stringing the lights back up at Disney's Hollywood...
  11. TheDisneyMagic

    A few new Epcot retro shirts.

    Hey everone, I couldn't remember which of these I have seen posted on here before. I picked up a couple of new Retro Epcot shirts today, the first two I have seen around the parks for quite a while now but the third one, this is the first time I have ever seen it. I do appologise for the poor...
  12. TheDisneyMagic

    Guess the attraction from the script

    I haven't seen this game played for a while and was just playing it with a couple of friends so I thought I would bring it to here, the purpose is to say a quote from any Disney attraction and the next person has to guess which attraction it is from. If they guess correctly it's their turn to...
  13. TheDisneyMagic

    Disney has dropped out from the next Narnia.

    It looks like Walt Disney Pictures has dropped out of the next Chrnonicels of Narnia film, The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader. The film, which is already in pre production is said to be continued with Walden Media and Fox entering in on the Franchise. Source: Digital Spy I think it is quite...
  14. TheDisneyMagic

    Internation student, Placement year.

    Hi everyone, I am currently studying Computer Science / Network Computing at University in England. I am in my second year and next year I have the chance of carrying out a work placement. And lets face it, who better to do it for than the Walt Disney Company, I have applied for the Walt...
  15. TheDisneyMagic

    Justin Timberlake video

    Hey everyone, this is quite random, my sister just text me very excited that "Justin Timberlake has your shirt!" :D Check out this video from: Senorita It looks like the EPCOT Center shirt, I'm guessing if it is, it would be an original as the video is from before Celebration 25.
  16. TheDisneyMagic

    Virgin Media On Demand

    For those of you in the United Kingdom, whome subscribe to Virgin Meida can now access the Disney Travel On Demand like which has been running in the USA on cable for quite a few months now. To find out more info visit: http://www.virginmedia.com/travel/disney/
  17. TheDisneyMagic

    Losses halved; Revenues, attendance increased again in First Half 2008

    EURO DISNEY S.C.A. Fiscal Year 2008 Reports First Half Results Six Months Ended March 31, 2008 • Revenues increased 18% to € 605 million, primarily reflecting growth in Resort operations • Positive operating margin of € 1 million, against a prior-year loss of € 36 million • Net loss...
  18. TheDisneyMagic

    vB 3.7

    Congratulations WDWMAGIC on your quick upgrade to vBulletin 3.7 Gold, I can't wait for the development of version 4, I have heard it is going to be very Web 2.0 based.
  19. TheDisneyMagic

    Happy Birthday Disney's Animal Kingdom

    Well the 22nd of April has finally arrived, I would like to take this time to Wish Disney's Animal Kingdom a happy 10th anniversary, fortunately I was lucky enough to attent launch date but am not able to make it to the events today so I hope everyone that can go manage to get lots of photos and...
  20. TheDisneyMagic

    Resort wins highest worldwide attendance growth

    Just read this over at dlrpmagic.com - Congratulations Disneyland Resport Paris, this is excellent news. Continued at source
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