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  1. cm1988

    What to see after Orlando

    If you were planning a visit for foreign guests to visit the U.S.A., and they've already been to Orlando, what should be their next destination? I'll exclude any other Entertainment destination as candidates for this list. The idea is to find somewhere else that is "truly American" (if...
  2. cm1988


    *** trembles a little *** Are you all sick of my avatar? Is it time for Dexter to hop in his little flying saucer, grab the two steering wheels and return to the planet Zectron?
  3. cm1988

    What's ahead?

    Check out this link at MSNBC for an article entitled "Disney Tweaks Offerings for 'New Normal'". Among the reported information, Imagination is due to reopen in early June, Philharmagic --- not till Fall, 2003. A new show for Epcot is also described.
  4. cm1988

    Finally a "Cast Member"

    200th post - and so finally a "Cast Member" Pleased to have finally put in that 200th post, and to become a "Cast Member" on these boards. It's been great reading and discussing so much about WDW with all of you regulars and occasional passers-by. I kind of like the current moniker, but I...
  5. cm1988

    Queue Line Technologies

    Newsweek's April 29th issue describes Q-bot, a device purportedly being tested in some "regional" parks. It's worth a read, but you have to wonder about their reporting accuracy when they make statements like "...stood in line...two hot, miserable, sweaty hours for the Little Mermaid ride at...
  6. cm1988

    Promotion Test

    Okay, if posts 'count' on this board, this is my 200th. Which makes me an official WDWMagic.COM "Cast Member". Dunno how long that lasts. And, y'know, I'd rather be promoted next to "WDW Exec" than "Junior Imagineer". :rolleyes: * sighs *
  7. cm1988

    Best Strategies for a Busy Week!

    What's your best strategy for visiting during a busy time?
  8. cm1988

    Epcot Entrance Music

    I tend to be slow on the uptake... so maybe this was done months ago... but on my most recent stop at Epcot I noticed new arrangements of "Golden Dream" and "One Little Spark" playing at the entrance plaza. These were fully-orchestrated, similar to the original, definately not what I had...
  9. cm1988

    Resorts Quick Service Restaurant Poll

    Which of these WDW resort quick lunch options is your favorite?
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