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  1. Hobnail Boot

    First Disney Interview

    I graduate from college in about a month so I went ahead and applied for a position at WDW since that's the industry I want to work in. I wasn't expecting such fast results but I just scheduled my first interview for early next month. I'm excited, but I've worked for the same small company for...
  2. Hobnail Boot

    Cars 3 and The Incredibles 2 Announced

    http://www.comingsoon.net/news/movienews.php?id=116154 I didn't see this posted anywhere else, but finally we get The Incredibles sequel. That alone is enough for me.
  3. Hobnail Boot

    Disney charging extra for over 2 people?

    Hey, y'all. So I've been booking Disney trips for my friends and I for about a decade. Today we booked our March trip with the AP discount and the numbers in the email weren't adding up. We booked for 4 people at Riverside for six nights and the nightly total wasn't equalling the before tax...
  4. Hobnail Boot

    Fort Wilderness Question

    Does anyone know what is the maximum length of a camper that can fit on the tent/pop-up sites? My friends and I finally managed to get a campsite for New Years, but the only thing we could get was a tent/pop-up. Our camper is 31 feet long I believe, and we're worried it won't fit on the site...
  5. Hobnail Boot

    Graphics help

    I didn't know where else to ask for this, but I need some graphics help if anyone is willing. I'm trying to combine these two logos to make GA for Georgia, but I'm not really good at this. I would do my usual MS Paint hack job, but I'm getting this done as a tattoo so I want it to be good...
  6. Hobnail Boot

    2013 College Football Season

    I didn't see a catch-all CFB thread around here, so I figure I'd start one. The 2013 season starts next week (FINALLY!) so give a shout out to your teams, smack talk some rivals, give some predictions, whatever. Here's the initial AP Top 25: 1 Alabama 2 Ohio State 3 Oregon 4 Stanford 5...
  7. Hobnail Boot

    Best Disney Restaurants per Yahoo

    http://travel.yahoo.com/ideas/best-disney-restaurants-for-all-tastes-214146215.html?page=1 Just saw this on Yahoo's front page. Nothing big, just not what I expected to see when I opened Yahoo. I like that the Enchanted Tiki Room at DL is listed as a restaurant name haha. Glad to see that...
  8. Hobnail Boot

    Apartment Help

    I guess this is where I can put this. I graduate college next spring and, once I sell my house, am looking to move to the Orlando area. I want to get a house eventually but I think an apartment would be better short term. I'm hoping to be making about $30k a year starting off, so I'm trying to...
  9. Hobnail Boot

    Beach Club pool

    I've got a quick question that I hope someone can help me with. My friends and I are staying at the Beach Club in July and we're really looking forward to some pool time. I've got a friend who lives in Orlando and we've planned on him being with us most of the time. I know you have to have a...
  10. Hobnail Boot

    If anyone has these pictures...

    I wasn't sure where else to post this so I figured here would be my best bet. I'm working on a RCT2 park and I need a photo of something to get it right. It figures I have like 3,000 Disney park pictures and I don't have this one. What I need is a picture or two of the area between Casey's...
  11. Hobnail Boot

    AP Rates for NYE?

    I've got a quick question regarding AP rates. Disney has posted AP rates for the Wilderness Lodge up until Dec. 24. However, our trip is Dec. 28 to January 3. Historically, has Disney give AP's discounts for these dates? I ask because we want to reserve our room as soon as possible (standard...
  12. Hobnail Boot

    AP Question

    My sister and I have been visiting WDW every New Years for the past six years, but this year will be our first as annual passholders. Usually we have to get to the MK by opening to be sure that we can get in the park before it closes due to capacity. I know of the phased closings and that up...
  13. Hobnail Boot

    The future of DLRP from LP

    http://www.laughingplace.com/News-ID512310.asp This interesting article was posted today on the Laughing Place. Apparently EuroDisney's focus for the next few years is definitely WDS. The most interesting thing imo is the talk of a Ratatouille dark ride using Pooh's Hunny Hunt technology. It...
  14. Hobnail Boot

    RCT2 Disneyland & DisneySea

    Below are the links to the downloads for my Disney parks in RCT2. The downloads can be found at the bottom of each linked page. All custom objects should export normally, but those that don't can be found at this link: http://ae.rctspace.com/. Just click on the slide with the star and start on...
  15. Hobnail Boot

    Disneyland Reservations

    I've been trying to make reservations through the official Disney website for the past several days. I enter all of my information in, go to payment, enter that in, and then click book it. A page comes up saying that it's booking my trip, but then it goes back to air transportation page wanting...
  16. Hobnail Boot

    Photos of Hollywood Boulevard

    Hey, all. I'm currently working on an RollerCoaster Tycoon park titled the Walt Disney Studios. In order to complete this, I need photos of the Disney/MGM Studios' Hollywood Boulevard. I've found some at sites such as DisneyPix, etc., however I need shots of EVERY structure lining the street...
  17. Hobnail Boot

    Interesting DAK Article @ LP

    Over at the Laughing Place, there is a very interesting article, found here: http://www.laughingplace.com/News-ID510110.asp, that reveals what may or may not be on the way for Disney's Animal Kingdom within the next 5 years. Among the highlights are: - Of course, the new Finding Nemo musical...
  18. Hobnail Boot

    Imagineers refer to Disney/MGM as Disney Studios

    On page seven of the new "Imagineering Field Guide to the Magic Kingdom," there is a paragraph titled Okay, Here's the Resume! It lists all the parks and years that they were built. Everything here has it's full name, like Tokyo DisneySea, Disney's Animal Kingdom Park, and Walt Disney Studios...
  19. Hobnail Boot

    Happy 50th Birthday, Disneyland!

    Happy 50th Birthday, Disneyland! I'll be in the Magic Kingdom tomorrow celebrating with my gold Disneyland mouse ears! I look foward to your 75th and 100th! Let's all wish the original Magic Kingdom a great 50th! -RCT2 Imagineer
  20. Hobnail Boot

    Disneyland Resort: DisneySea

    DisneySea is the second gate of the Disneyland Resort in addition to the previously released Disneyland Park. Located about three miles southwest of Lake Disney and Disneyland Park, DisneySea is the largest park on the property and is connected to both Disneyland and the Walt Disney Studios via...
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