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  1. CDavid

    Declining Magic Band

    For all of us who choose an RFID Key-to-the-World (KTTW) card instead of the Magic Band (Mouse Arrest Band) for our Resort room key and admission media, how do most of you handle the My Disney Experience process of selecting the band? Since I'll just be throwing it away, it seems a shame to let...
  2. CDavid

    WDW Village Resort Villas

    Does anyone have a map, or a link to a map, of either the Disney Institute or (even better) the Club Lake, Fairway, and Vacation Villas which once stood on the site of Saratoga Springs? I'm having a hard time specifically remembering the layout; Were the Fairway Villas specifically located in...
  3. CDavid

    Current Downtown Disney parking

    Does anyone have a map or diagram of what portions of the Downtown Disney parking lots (and facilities) are closed off right now? With the announcement that the Pleasure Island bus stop is also to be closed, I am wondering just what sections will remain? Seems to be construction all over the...
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