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  1. cm1988

    Strongly Considering a Trip to WDW: Please Help me plan or talk me out of it

    Imagine, preferring to find other income (yeah, difficult but requires no ventilator or mortuary for yourself or for people you bring home a viral souvenir to). Yeah, slight risk. I'm not one who encourages others to take any risk. If your conscience says slight risk is okay; well, then, that's...
  2. cm1988

    Minnie Vans Gone For Good?

    Relevant post on another WDW fan site Minnie Vans were Lyft (and probably will be, again, post-pandemic). Mears still has "yellow cabs" and vans available from bell services. Usually 2 or more cabs are waiting for passengers; often a van as well. Whatever you choose... Disney bus, Mears...
  3. cm1988

    Strongly Considering a Trip to WDW: Please Help me plan or talk me out of it

    Your interest in having fun; your interest in visiting WDW read, to my eyes, like that is more important to you than any concerns about putting yourself at risk. Or putting the Cast Members (yeah, paid to be there) at risk. The risk is inside and outside the gates of WDW and its attractions. The...
  4. cm1988

    Strongly Considering a Trip to WDW: Please Help me plan or talk me out of it

    With apologies if any of this seems unnecessarily harsh. Life, death, sickness, and health are tough issues. Jobs and income are tough issues. You've heard and read about them all. Walt Disney World and its remaining employees are getting by because some percentage of the people is willing to...
  5. cm1988

    News The Electrical Water Pageant to resume performances at Walt Disney World

    Looking at a couple of videos, the EWP seems to have been upgraded in a couple of ways. Some of the music is from recent films and, more significantly, it seems that the old "outdoor Christmas lights" have been upgraded to something more like rope lights or maybe LED's. It used to be, when you...
  6. cm1988

    Under-Appreciated Attractions

    Interesting thread. I'll hopefully not pollute things too much by suggesting the movie in France (I'd probably misspell its name). If you like French Impressionist music, you'll love this one. It may be due a re-edit after the tragic Notre Dame fire. All of 2020 is due a re-edit.
  7. cm1988

    Magic Kingdom Hypotheticals Being Discussed

    Y'know, we could use this thread to discuss every idea that a bus driver ever suggested. We could put microphones in at wardrobe and share the rumors that costumed CM are telling each other. We could totally fabricate changes that we hope will happen, for whatever reason, and try to get popular...
  8. cm1988

    Politics Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    So I'll toss in a suggestion here. An admittedly unlikely one, but an at least first-attempt alternative to the binary decision "A: Close the parks or B: Keep the parks open". Develop an internet-based "virtual WDW visit". Charge $10 for it. Visit would include seeing all the WDW shows...
  9. cm1988

    Politics Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    I drew a WDW paycheck for 17 years and know a few hundred CM personally, so I sure don't wish them to lose their income (though many already have). Having said that, thanks for your thoughtful reply. Losing a job is extremely painful; I sure don't wish that on anyone. I'd still assert that...
  10. cm1988

    Politics Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    I was a CM for 17 years; the first few of them onstage at Epcot. I took an 85% pay cut for that experience, since I had grown up watching Walt every Sunday night with my family. So, you might assume I ♥️Disney. This issue of "Should the parks/resorts/Springs have reopened during a pandemic?"...
  11. cm1988

    Changes to Spaceship Earth Descent.

    The late, great Ray Bradbury wrote the script and it has been tinkered and trivialized ever since. It could have been kept fresh without losing the sense of wonder. WDI was right to bring in home computing and the internet, they just didn't pay enough attention (or budget) to script. Kind of...
  12. cm1988

    Cheetaka vs Cheetah Hunt

    Cheetas Never Prosper I agree. After they get about 4 zillion complaints from people who cringe at the name, Bush Gardens (Blackstone?) will change it. Suggestions?: > The original name sounds good. > They're using "Cheetah Chase" with another attraction; maybe should rename that other...
  13. cm1988

    FT Employment Question

    Yes, and I've known a few that went into bankruptcy. Not how I'd define "employment magic".
  14. cm1988

    FT Employment Question

    The way in The way in is through the Casting Center, as an hourly, part-time or temporary employee earning less than a living wage. Some of those hourly employees are College Program cast; they have the first shot at moving up. After about a year at part-time, you are likely to be full...
  15. cm1988

    How do you feel about the return of Captain EO?

    Magic Journeys When Imag first opened in 1982, the theater featured "Magic Journeys", a truly imaginative film. It was in 3-d (not 4-d with the in-theater fragrances, bubbles, water spritzes, etc.), but was much more like the original Epcot (EPCOT Center)... more like something you would see...
  16. cm1988

    Walls up at McDonalds

    Really Backstage of the McDonald's, cast members were able to enjoy... another McDonald's, with slightly more reasonable prices. To avoid "too much information", I'll just say that fumigation work ahead of construction might be in order.
  17. cm1988

    professional/salaried jobs

    60K jobs at WDW Sounds like you do training or training development work. You would have to be hired as Manager to earn $60k over there. As mentioned previously, higher pay is in the technical areas. I worked in one of those for over 10 years... after over 5 years working in the parks...
  18. cm1988

    everything is so corporate

    I hope they are reading this thread World Showcase used to have a huge variety of merchandise from every country represented with pavilions. It must have been expensive for them to send buyers to all of those locations. It must have been expensive for them to keep track of all that different...
  19. cm1988

    Question for disney employees

    Wdwcp? Why don't you just plan on doing the College Program? That will give you the experience of working at Disney, plus potential connections for advanced internships and possibly a "perm" job later on. If you're interested in Hospitality Management, you might consider University of...
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