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  1. JasonP

    Uh oh Splash Mountain is down!!! DOH

    DOH my last day in Disney and SM is down. They were evacing it around 12:30 this evening.
  2. JasonP

    Towel Buddies at DS Resorts

    So, I just recently heard this and can't believe it's true. I have heard that if 'Mousekeeping' creates a towel animal for you, you can keep it. As in take the towels animal home. Has anyone else heard this? I don't believe it but had to ask.
  3. JasonP

    Merchandise and Food Pricing

    What gives with the odd ball pricing all throughout the parks and resorts? I purchased the Golf Ball in a Snow Globe at one of the stores on Main Street for $29.95 (which btw I have put off buying every time I was at the World for the last 15 years, This time that was not happening) Anway...
  4. JasonP

    Fake Pizza Delivery

    We got our first fake Pizza flyer at Coronado Springs!!!! Lol
  5. JasonP

    Mouse Counselors?

    Has anyone had any experience with these folks? They claim that they are an Authorized Disney vacation planner.
  6. JasonP

    Does Hollywood Studios still sell these?

    I know many years ago I bought this at "MGM Studios," yeah I said it, and was wondering if they still do that in the animation area. On a side note, now that the hat is gone. Think this is worth more? =). Not that I'd sell.
  7. JasonP

    May have been seen but... 100 Facts about Disney

    Just came across this and thought it was interesting for all. Sorry if it has been seen. http://imgur.com/a/CAsVF?gallery
  8. JasonP

    Driving Down from NY

    Trying to get an idea of costs for tolls driving down to Florida from LI, NY. I haven't driven down there in years and cannot remember all the toll roads and whether or not they take EZ-Pass. Does anyone know of any good sites that have a "search" that can show you what tolls you will hit on a...
  9. JasonP

    I can't stand booking fast passes months in advance!!!!!

    That is all. Needed to scream that. My wife doesn't understand. Absolutely insane that you have to book rides and meet and greets.....
  10. JasonP

    Avoiding Parks on EMH

    Back in the day, prior to online Fast passes and reservations it was a known fact to avoid EMH days at the park as they are the most crowded. Is that still the case? We are going the first week in April and trying to make the most out of the short 10 days.
  11. JasonP

    Adventure Adventure Question (Voices)

    I have a huge striking suspicion that Rex Everheart, who did the voice of Belle's dad Maurice, also did the voice of Ben Franklin in the American Adventure yet I cannot find proof. I am trying to find out, who did the voices of both Mark Twain and Benjamin Franklin in AA?
  12. JasonP

    Personal Pic Request of from someone in MK.

    Hey folks, I have a crazy request... I would like a current picture my Walk around the World brick that my father and I placed back in 1994. I have been unable to get down there for sometime and would love a current picture. The brick is listed as "The Porembski Family" and says Dad Jason...
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