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  1. cndrellagrl

    Refillable Mug Drinks

    What soft drinks are available for the refillable mugs? At one time I remember they had slushies and juice in addition to soda. Do they still have these and what juices are available? I don't know if it makes a difference, but we will be staying at Caribbean Beach. Thanks for your help!
  2. cndrellagrl

    Leave a Legacy

    I have family in Disney World right now and they want to find a picture of a family member that was placed on the Leave a Legacy wall. We don't have the number or information. Any ideas how they could find out where someone is on there? Thanks!
  3. cndrellagrl

    Thoughts on online dining reservations

    I'm almost at my 90 day mark to make my ADRs. For those who have used the online reservations system for ADRS - what are your thoughts? Do you have a preference of online or by phone and why? Also, does anyone know if I can make my ADRs online at midnight of the 90 day mark? Thanks for your...
  4. cndrellagrl

    No 3:00 parade in Nov??

    The Yuletide tour is a holiday tour. You go to Worldshowcase, Hollywood Studios and, I believe, the Grand Floridian to learn about how the holidays are celebrated and look at the decorations. I have heard some great things about it, so my family was thinking about giving it a try. (something to...
  5. cndrellagrl

    Thanksgiving crowds!

    I know that Thanksgiving is obviously a very crowded time. Anyone know how the weekend before the holiday is? We are getting there on the Friday before and staying until the sunday after. We were hoping that the first few days wouldn't be as bad and we could get alot more done then.
  6. cndrellagrl

    November 2009 Role Call

    November 20 -29, staying at POP with free dining!!! YAY!!! 105 days to go!!!:sohappy:
  7. cndrellagrl

    No 3:00 parade in Nov??

    We are staying at POP. We have our schedule all planned, we are just waiting to make our ADRs. I think we are going to do the Yultide Tour on Thanksgiving day and then go to Grand Floridian and other resorts to see decorations. I just love Disney around the holidays!! See ya there!!:)
  8. cndrellagrl

    No 3:00 parade in Nov??

    We are going Nov. 20 - 29. This calendar does show it! I only checked the Disney one. Thanks!!
  9. cndrellagrl

    No 3:00 parade in Nov??

    The Disney site finally has the park hours up for November - yay! But, I was looking at when the parades, shows, etc. would be running and there is no 3:00 parade anytime in November. Everything else is shown on the schedule. Is the 3:00 parade at MK not running in November?
  10. cndrellagrl

    Still no November Hours ??

    Glad to see that I am not the only frustrated one! I have been checking all weekend! I have planning to do. Let's go Disney!!!
  11. cndrellagrl

    price increase question

    Thanks so much for your help!!! I feel much better now!
  12. cndrellagrl

    price increase question

    I have booked my vacation for November, including hotel, dining and tickets. I have heard that prices are going to be going up soon on park tickets. I have not paid my trip in full yet. My question is - is the price of my trip locked in once it is booked, or can it go up when the tickets do...
  13. cndrellagrl

    How Many More Days For You (Part 3)

    119 days to go! :) Just finished making packing lists for everyone in my family. I can't wait much longer
  14. cndrellagrl

    2 great movie rides?

    I recently read that the great movie ride has two different versions - the gangster version and the cowboy version. i read that you can ask to be placed in two different lines to see two different versions. Is this true????
  15. cndrellagrl

    How Many More Days For You (Part 3)

    137 day, 1 hour, 16 min!!!! I cant wait
  16. cndrellagrl

    November 2009 Roll Call

    Thank you so much for your help! I am so glad to hear that! Just booked November 20 - 29 at Pop!
  17. cndrellagrl

    November 2009 Roll Call

    Booking this week for Nov. 20 - 28! YAY!!! Does anyone know when all the holiday decorations go up and the osborne lights??
  18. cndrellagrl

    5 Day / 6 Night 585pp + $500GC

    What does this include? Was it just park tickets or does it include like a value resort?
  19. cndrellagrl

    WDW Picture of the Day Thread (Part 5)

    Wonderful picture! I just love it, but I had a few questions for you... First off, since when do mickey's eyes blink? I had no idea that his face had moving parts! Secondly, how is Peter Pan flying??
  20. cndrellagrl

    Anyone ever get a Disney freebie?

    A while back my mom wrote a letter to disney suggesting that they get more wheelchairs and how she was upset that they ran out after giving them away as 'double strollers' (some do it this way because at that time it was cheaper). She was upset because my grandma couldn't walk so she had to sit...
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