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    Why Animal Kingdom is now so popular?

    Pandora, Rivers of Light, and nighttime safaris were what turned AK into a full day park for the people who didn't realize it already was. Also with the addition of things that required night Disney had to extend the park hours. Also, Animal Kingdom is the single greatest level of theming that...
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    Best roller coaster in Walt Disney World?

    The chain lift on Expedition Everest was changed from a traditional roller coaster since the sound it makes would not match with the steam trains we are riding in. Only thing it's missing to make it perfect is a fully functioning Yeti, someday...
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    Epcot made LED screens the shape of continents and now we have giant tacos

    Those aren't tacos, those are dunked Oreo cookies.
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    Anyone Else Prefer Smugglers Run to ROTR

    Actually the ride does change based on what you do. We can't fly anywhere but within the set area the pilots actually move the Falcon. Depending on how well everyone does determines if you get 1 or 2 containers of coaxium, how much damage is caused to the ship and how Hando interacts with the...
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    After Rhode: What happens next?

    Or just pay attention to the details and be amazed at the work that goes into some of these lands.
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    Great Movie Ride - Visible Strings?

    I thought they used multiple strings like that to simulate rain.
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    After Rhode: What happens next?

    Dino-land is the single greatest land in all of the Disney parks. Everything in the land is connected and everything tells a story. Look at the names on the buildings, the different rooms in Restaurantosaurus, take a look at the street signs. Look on the ground in Dinorama and notice the old...
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    After Rhode: What happens next?

    I think what happens next is also part of the reason Rhode left, Disney realizes it's lost billions of dollars and reworks the entire corporation from top to bottom. It's like a professional sports team going into a "rebuilding" phase. Yes some of the older players could stick around but they...
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    I'm too scared to go to Disney World

    Not being a local, I'd wait until September 2021. With the latest vaccine info showing May 2021 being the earliest that it might be safe that could send a lot of families to the parks over the summer. If things truly improve then most kids will be physically in school next year which would...
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    Calling all IP malcontents......

    Not in California Cars Land is poor execution for a park about California. Pixar Pier is still an amusement pier based on piers in California. You may not like the theme but it was a better fit.
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    Underrated Aspects of Disney Attractions

    Dinoland. It started as a run down gas station and lodge. Once fossils were found at the Boneyard, the lodge was taken over by the scientists and became Restaurantosaurus. Each section of the restaurant is different as they added on to the original structure. Eventually the Dino Institute...
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    Tower season greetings projections.. do you like it?

    Hansel and Gretel would beg to differ.
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    Hall of Presidents Refurbishment Watch

    I have been praying for a Muppets show about American history. With all of the politicization of every president nowadays it's time to bring the Muppets inside and let them give a light-hearted presidential history lesson.
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    Hall of Presidents Refurbishment Watch

    I'm ashamed that no one on this forum brings up the obvious, Hall of Presidents won't be refurbished... Unless they can attach an IP to it.
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    An Untouchable’s Eventual Fate?

    I think the biggest reason why Splash could get completely changed whereas The Haunted Mansion or Pirates will probably live on forever is the drop. Anyone could go on flat dark rides but millions of people will never experience the greatest dark ride of all time simply because of the drop...
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    News TUMI permanently closes at Disney Springs

    I figured they would open a store selling Tumi and knockoff brands. They would call it... wait for it... Tumi or Not Tumi, That is the Question.
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    Disney cancelling shows -- a necessary move

    Walt wanted to continually change and upgrade the park. To Walt, Disneyland would never be completed.
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    Epcot: This may sound really silly, but ....

    I think both entrances have their place. The main entrance has that rope drop building excitement, exactly the type of thing that future world is built for. The IG entrance is a relaxing, casual stroll into the magic of Disney. What always amazes me is how these 2 entrances are going to the...
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    Guess the NBA bubble wasn’t the slam dunk Disney was hoping for

    Outside of Jimmy Butler stealing coffee sales I'm guessing Disney was very happy to have paying customers.
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