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  1. senor_jorge

    Trip Report The ONE with the Bowl that was not so Super 🚽 2/5-2/9, 2021*COMPLETED*

    One of my best friends resides on Lawn Guy Land. So Maybe I’m desensitized, but I’m not seeing the issue.
  2. senor_jorge

    BAD experience at Smokehouse in EPCOT

    More than likely in Alto Shaams, holding oven/pit, Cambro, or some combination.
  3. senor_jorge

    News 5G Cellular Service Installation Under Way at WDW

    Backhaul is the new constriction point in many cases now. It will be interesting to see how TMobile does. For years Sprint was sitting on a LOT of dark fiber, that I’m assuming TMobile acquired.
  4. senor_jorge

    Salute to All Things but MOSTLY Politics

    ... and the other side of the story. Perhaps we'll find out shortly if paragraph three is accurate or not, if the Biden transition staff choses to comment. https://www.defense.gov/Newsroom/Releases/Release/Article/2451652/statement-on-transition-activities-by-acting-secretary-of-defense-miller/
  5. senor_jorge

    Salute to All Things but MOSTLY Politics

    The man deserves a Combat Driver badge.
  6. senor_jorge

    Salute to All Things but MOSTLY Politics

    I think civilian leadership has served us well. Mattis and the circumstances surrounding is nomination were unique and I think it worked out about as well as it could have. In large part due to him. I’m more comfortable returning to a system that has worked over a longer period of time. It’s a...
  7. senor_jorge

    Salute to All Things but MOSTLY Politics

    I won’t be surprised if he withdraws and is replaced by Fluornoy or someone else. His confirmation has several issues that are likely to be contentious.
  8. senor_jorge

    Trip Report The (second) ONE with enhanced cleaning and (a little less) Physical Distancing. Sept 2020

    It's late, but the image I ran across today is relevant to this thread.
  9. senor_jorge

    Speaking of rioting

    Flynn being Flynn. Not much of a surprise to many who know his history.
  10. senor_jorge

    Trip Report The (second) ONE with enhanced cleaning and (a little less) Physical Distancing. Sept 2020

    I'm starting to suspect that you were actually in Vegas and this report is just a clever ruse.
  11. senor_jorge

    2020 Election Thread

    No, it doesn't in most jurisdictions. The guy that sucker punched him isn't any better off either.
  12. senor_jorge

    2020 Election Thread

    Separate the two and you have an argument. Harassment of the family if they did nothing to instigate it was over the line. The original video... makes everyone look like a thug. The guy went way overboard, in the best scenario for him, defending someone that appeared to assault someone with...
  13. senor_jorge

    2020 Election Thread

    Common sense, and compromise? What kind of crazy talk is that?;)
  14. senor_jorge

    Politics Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Expect the future to ask for someone to hold their beer shortly.
  15. senor_jorge

    2020 Election Thread

    That one is hard to forget. After that occurred I ended up becoming friends with someone that crewed on private boats and was familiar with the Monkey Business. It became a tourist attraction, wherever it was tied up.
  16. senor_jorge

    2020 Election Thread

    Gary Hart would approve of this message. Times have changed, and not necessarily for the better regardless of whichever party one may identify with.
  17. senor_jorge

    2020 Election Thread

    You would be correct.
  18. senor_jorge

    News TUMI permanently closes at Disney Springs

    When convention/conference business went away so did a lot of the customer base for that location. Twenty plus years ago, after dinner and drinks at Disney Springs a TUMI purchase might have seemed like a good idea when I was on the road a lot.
  19. senor_jorge

    Trip Report Making Lemonade out of Lemons Fractal Family Trip Report

    I'm assuming that you know it's only about 8 hours from Clemson to Orlando, if you don't linger on River Street?
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