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  1. bdearl41

    Which direction from the hub do you go?

    After walking down Main Street, filling your head with the sweet smells of candy and popcorn and hearing the joyful laughs of kids excited about future adventures, we are all faced with a difficult decision. Now while this decision can be influenced with fast passes (not anymore) or efforts for...
  2. bdearl41

    Mexico or Canada

    Left or Right? Margaritas or Moose? Sombreros or Flannel? Which way do you go to start the World Showcase and why? I have found this is one of the most adamant arguments within the WDW community. Keep it clean people!
  3. bdearl41

    Best themed land in each Park

    Hey guys. Fun opinion times where we don’t have politics or Covid involved. which “land” in each park do you think is the best themed? MK- For me this was the toughest for sure. I think they all are quite good but two stood alone. I ended up going with Main Street USA over Liberty Square. To...
  4. bdearl41

    The World Showcase: How many of the countries have you been to? Which is the most authentic, least authentic.

    Hey guys figured I’d put up a debate that will keep CNN and Fox News articles from being discussed. The World Showcase to me is the most iniquity people of theme park in the world and provides days of exploring if your love for travel and cultural experiences are as high as mine. I am curious...
  5. bdearl41

    Be Our Guest Review

    Overpriced and overcooked. I was really dissapointed in the quality of the food here. Sure the atmosphere was fantastic, and its a beautiful restaurant. But outside of the grey stuff, and the mussels, everything was sub par. If you go here, go for Lunch, Dinner is way overpriced! And...
  6. bdearl41

    Just Got Back

    Things of note: 1) Found 11 new hidden mickeys. 2) Splash Mountain is in fantastic shape, they did a great job. 3) Be Our Guest Restaurant, not very good. 4) Flying Fish Cafe is one of the best restaurants on property. 5) the Puff Pastry with Mushroom Ragout at Germany stand is amazing!
  7. bdearl41

    Totally Worth It!!!

    Ok so I got this idea from the previous thread started by another about what ride is just way overhyped. What i want to know is what ride/attraction do you absolutely love, think is fantasic, and never has a wait at all? I have one at each park: MK: Wedway Peoplemover (TTA). This ride is...
  8. bdearl41

    Favorite Pavillion in World Showcase

    What is your favorite pavillion in the world showcase, and I mean all encompassing with atmosphere, attractions, food, etc. To me the one that is best done is Morocco, it is very realistic, and really takes you to Morroco, but overall my favorite it Mexico, I just love the atmosphere and Le Cava.
  9. bdearl41

    Forget Restaurant, Favorite Dish?

    Favorite Restaurant has been asked 50 times, but what is your single favorite dish at WDW. For me the winner is: The Lamb Kefta Kebobs at Sanaa Second Place is: Seared Diver Scallops at Artist Point Honorable mentions: Meatloaf at 50's Prime Time Cafe and Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle...
  10. bdearl41

    What to do with building between Test Track and Mexico with all the bridges going to it????

    They need to do something with this building. Such a cool location on the water. What are your thoughts for it????
  11. bdearl41

    Is Disney Pricing themselves out of the Middle Class???

    Right now a trip to WDW is "affordable", same price as going to Europe would be roughly, but it keeps increasing yearly, tickets, hotels, food, etc. Right now for a week for a family of four it will cost about 5000.00 roughly to go to WDW to stay in a moderate resort. Their are great options...
  12. bdearl41

    Best World Showcase Pavillion

    I think this is a great question as everyone has different opinions on the matter. What is your favorite World Showcase Pavillion and why, based on ride/attraction, food, shops, theme, etc. I rank mine in this order: 1) France (I love France, what can i say) 2) Morrocco (very authentic...
  13. bdearl41

    Got my Reservations made!!!!

    This is how you crush the game, wife's first trip: All crowd levels under 4.5 according to Touring Plans. Arrive Friday April 26: EPCOT, Dinner at Morroco, EMH Evening til 11 at EPCOT. Saturday: AK, Lunch at Yak & Yeti, evening at DTD Sunday: MK in morning, breakfast at Sleepy Hollow, DHS for...
  14. bdearl41

    Have you done Drink Around the World?

    I have done it twice, my favorite two stops are La Cava de Tequila and the Saki Bar in Japan. Have you done it, if so, any crazy stories?
  15. bdearl41

    Best fancy dinner?

    My wife and I are trying to decide where we want to go for our "fancy dinner" while at Disney. We want to do one of the pre fix wine tasting menus and have narrowed it down to Coranation's and Flying Fish. Obviously we would love to do Victoria and Alberts, but it costs way too much. Does...
  16. bdearl41

    Favorite Soundtrack!!!

    OK so what is your favorite soundtrack? For Show/Parade and for Ride? For me its Show: Fantasmic and Ride: Splash Mountain!
  17. bdearl41

    5th Gate

    If Disney were to create a 5th gate, what should be the theme of it? I personally think they have three really good options, and obvioulsy the land. My first pick would be a park themed on the United States, based on hisory/regions of the States, second I would pick Disney Sea or a variation...
  18. bdearl41

    Port Orleans or Cornado Springs

    My wife and I are heading down next October for the Halloween Party and also the International Food Festival. Which of these two hotels would you recommend, or should we forego the moderate resorts and stay at Pop Century?
  19. bdearl41

    New Coaster

    When will Disney World get a world class coaster?????? I understand theming is not always easy on coasters but Busch Gardens has been very successful at Williamsburg, and Montu in Tampa is very well themed. Also Credit to Sea World with Manta. Disney World needs a world class coaster!
  20. bdearl41

    Be our Guest Reservations

    I am curious as to when we will be able to make reservations for Be Our Guest Restaurant. I will be traveling there in April 2013 and my finance wants to eat there. I know the popularity of it will be high and that it will be open then, but also want to make sure i get a reservation there...
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