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  1. Donald Razorduck

    News IAAPA Expo 2020 in Orlando cancelled due to COVID-19

    This replaced the Sears Wish Book for me as an adult being I'm coaster fanatic. Totally bummed.
  2. Donald Razorduck

    News Expect closure of Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland to impact Walt Disney World

    Again, not really free unless you are given your insurance and even then it is priced into your compensation package. My employer pays my premium, I have no deductions to my pay for my insurance. My wife's family plan offers better overall coverage for the kids but she has to carry me. I would...
  3. Donald Razorduck

    Fox Properties at Disney parks

    They should really think about a standalone Marvel Park between the Rockies and the Mississippi.
  4. Donald Razorduck

    News Expect closure of Hong Kong Disneyland and Shanghai Disneyland to impact Walt Disney World

    The flu shot is not free, you have paid for it in premiums. Nothing is free
  5. Donald Razorduck

    Is this not a rip off of Sorin’

    I went "Soarin" over Europe at Europa park this past summer.
  6. Donald Razorduck

    Is Disneyland Paris better than the parks at WDW?

    I was told to skip DLP on our six week Euro adventure this past summer. I'm glad we didn't. Only had a day to do both parks but we got most of everything in including several rerides. Most of their Toy Story gland was down. We loved their Frontierland and their version of Big Thunder. Indy was...
  7. Donald Razorduck

    Aulani's New Neighbor...Atlantis

    Someone over at www.themeparx.com found some newer concept art for the new Atlantic that will ne next door
  8. Donald Razorduck

    Raising prices yet again!!!! enough is enough!

    All of 2019 at my "home" park for 4 for the cost of one day for two at WDW.
  9. Donald Razorduck

    Disneyland Paris requires 150 euros per person for unlimited FastPass, Is WDW next?

    If this is still around in June 2019, I will use it, we only have time for a day and a half at Disneyland Paris. We'll spend a whole day at Disneyland and would love to hit Big Thunder up multiple times day and night. Hate me all you want.
  10. Donald Razorduck

    Allegiant Airlines?

    Kinda depends on what day that Southwest flight is. WN on Fri, Sun and Mon is getting more expense than the Legacy 3. Connecting flights on WN are really going up in cost. Companion pass holder here, so I fly them a bit.
  11. Donald Razorduck

    Allegiant Airlines?

    An extremely slanted 60 Minutes news feature fed to them bya lawyer representing a fired pilot and a bitter union rep using lots of data when pilots were sandbagging operations like they were Air France employees during very heated labor contract negotiations. Amazingly, things got miraculously...
  12. Donald Razorduck

    News Park attendance showing significant softness heading into the Fall 2018

    Six Flags and Cedar parks are going gang busters and at a much less cost. They are also adding compelling g new rides at many of their parks. Silver Dollar City is my home park and their new Time Traveler coaster was one show building at the first launch away from being a truely outstanding...
  13. Donald Razorduck

    Rumor JIM HILL: Ice Age Being Explored for DAK

    That is more in line with an enclosed water coaster at Blizzard Beach
  14. Donald Razorduck

    Rumor JIM HILL: Ice Age Being Explored for DAK

    Rudolph is also used by HFC, particularly at Silver Dollar City.
  15. Donald Razorduck

    Transformative Multi-Year Expansion Announced for WDS Paris

    Considering the night time spectacle at Puy Du Fou, I expect some effort put forth on this.
  16. Donald Razorduck

    New Harry Potter Coaster Confirmed for 2019 (Dragon's Challenge Closing Sept 4th)

    It all depends on what qualifies as family friendly. My home park, Sliver Dollar City considers a spinning, inverting coaster that.
  17. Donald Razorduck

    BLACK PANTHER huge hit!

    I would also like to point this out: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/warner-bros-tolkien-estate-settle-80-million-hobbit-lawsuit-1018478 I would imagine some folks are working up a Potter-esque type deal for the theme park rights while appeasing the family like the did with J. K...
  18. Donald Razorduck

    BLACK PANTHER huge hit!

    Universal has Nintendo rights and will make good use of it in Park #3. Volcano Bay doesn't count. We'll know Universal's plans with Marvel going forward when that new park is formally announced and whether it includes Marvel. If it doesn't, Disney can argue that they are squating and fight for...
  19. Donald Razorduck

    News Disney Riviera Resort announced

    Atlantis may get construction started full bore this year. They are wrapping up the China property right now, which is stunning. And....yes Hawaii is totally different than it being in the mainland. Then again, I think Disney is missing the boat on having an actual iverboat Cruises on the...
  20. Donald Razorduck

    BLACK PANTHER huge hit!

    Again, a central US new gate in Texas (San Antonio/Austin) that is all Marvel is the ticket. A Stark Tower Hotel/DVC. Black Panther is ripe for an African Themed area. Check out what Phantasialand in Germany has done with that and it's African themed hotel. As for Black Panther, I'm saving it...
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