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  1. DoleWhipDrea

    Best hotels for couples?

    With what’s currently open, where would you recommend a couple stay on property? The hubs and I are looking for a small R&R trip.
  2. DoleWhipDrea

    Home On the Range (non-Disney-sanctioned) book?

    I just finished reading Disney War (I highly recommend reading it if you haven’t) and I have been contemplating what to read next. I have this memory of being in a book store some time after Home On the Range was released and seeing that there was a book authored by one of the actors about their...
  3. DoleWhipDrea

    Dinner at MK during Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party?

    I'm going to MVMCP with my husband and his parents (visiting from the west coast) on the very first night of the event! This will be our first ticketed Disney event we attend at Disney World, and we're very excited to see Magic Kingdom in all its holiday glory. Somewhere in my research (I could...
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