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    Which Cast Member interaction do you miss the most?

    Our family enjoyed our mid August trip to WDW. It was nice to jump on rides with no waits and very different to stroll down a nearly empty World Showcase. The memory of this trip during the Pandemic will be set apart for its unique circumstances. But as annual visitors to the most Magical Place...
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    Trip Report August Trip Bullet Points

    Just returned from a wonderful trip August 12 thru 19 staying at Pop Century. Party of 8. Observations below. - rope drop wasn’t necessary. Got plenty of rest, much unlike any other vacays - fever check and security was seamless - there is constant friendly reminder to cover your mouth and...
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    Any chance gondolas open early?

    Traveling to WDW in August, any chance one or all lines open early?
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    Is there an opening date for the NBA Experience/Restaurant?

    Is there an opening date for the NBA experience/restaurant at Disney Springs? And what can we expect?
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    WDW, Please fast track attractions, crowd level critical

    I don’t know what Disney can do about the crowd levels at this juncture, but here are some suggestions. 1) can we speed up the construction timeline for the new attractions. The joke about the parking garages taking 3 years to construct was not far from the truth. Yes, Disney does quality...
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    Wait Lines for New Gondolas

    I had written previously about my concern about the wait times for the new gondolas. I have seen the capacity numbers and the comparison to the bus system capacity. This new transportation system looks amazing and I’m so glad for its construction. What a great way to be transported to and from...
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    Automatic Gratuity for large parties despite poor service

    I love Disney Dining. Our family visits the World once a year and to keep things fresh and different we try new, fun or favorite restaurants. Our family consists of 6, but we travel with another family or families. I understand the reason behind the practice of adding the gratuity, but I do have...
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    New Gondola Capacity?

    Is anyone else wondering if the new gondola system will be plagued with extremely long lines? I can only imagine how long the lines will be to get to either Epcot or HS, especially at park opening. I love these rides at other theme parks, Cedar Point and Six Flags over Georgia. But the cues for...
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