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  1. Captn EO

    Should Cars be Cancelled?

    I was watching the movie Cars for the first time since its release. I realized that the movie doesn't fit in well with today's standards at all. In fact the entire movie is filled with stereotypes. Ramone- Mexican Stereotype Luigi - Italian Stereotype Mater - Red Neck Stereotype Flo - African...
  2. Captn EO

    First Time visit in July - Need Advice

    Hello, My wife and I are going to a family event this July and want to stop by Universal for a few days as we have already done Disney World twice. How many days would you recommend for visiting the parks? We were thinking 3 days but all the deals seem to be for 4 day passes. Are hoppers...
  3. Captn EO

    Official AP Graveyard Club (an AP memorial)

    Now that the AP program is officially over. I figure it would be fun (and depressing) to share what passes we had and what grandfathered benefits we have now permanently lost. Parking Add On - This is a huge deal. If you had a high enough pass prior to 2016 you could keep your free parking as a...
  4. Captn EO

    Popcorn Buckets: A Disectonomy

    (i wanted a modern journalism sounding title) Popcorn buckets. What are they? What are your thoughts on them? I first noticed popcorn buckets becoming a thing in about 2017 with Pixar Fest. I don't recall if they existed before then. It seems like a weird question, but why do they exist? You...
  5. Captn EO

    Custom Ornaments 2020

    Does anyone know if either Downtown Disney or Buena Vista Street are doing custom ornaments this year? It's our annual tradition and we're hoping we don't have to skip a year.
  6. Captn EO

    When Did You First Visit Disneyland Websites?

    Things are so different now online than they used to be. I figured it'd be fun to post here about when we first started our online Disneyland fandom. For me, I grew up going to Disneyland annually and was a teenager when the 50th happened. During the 50th we actually stayed for a few days...
  7. Captn EO

    Disneyland Reopening Campaign Idea

    I have a great idea for a marketing campaign for Disneyland to get the public on their side. There can be a whole series of commercials. Commercial 1: "In the Arms of Angels" plays, Splash Mountain is shown, Brer Rabbit is crying inside the ride, him and his friends are nearly paper thin from...
  8. Captn EO

    Will Splash Mountain's Removal change how often you visit Disneyland?

    Thought it would be interesting to see what everyone's thoughts are on Splash Mountain being removed. I know for myself it is definitely the straw that broke the camel's back in regards to attending Disneyland.
  9. Captn EO

    Isn't Princess and the Frog offensive?

    Lets keep this discussion civil. Song of the South is considered insensitive due to it being a positive toned film in a time when African Americans were not treated well. As time went on, the film received more criticism for this aspect than anything and is deemed racist. With the ride of...
  10. Captn EO

    Will you extend or cancel your AP?

    Info is based off WDW opening. What we do know: -Disney world passes can be extended by date of park closure plus one month. -The parks are indefinitely on a reservation system, regardless of pass type. -This reservation system time is NOT added to your pass extension. (Clock starts ticking...
  11. Captn EO

    Why is Disney's Communication so poor?

    Time and time again it never fails to amaze me that a company that makes as much as Disney is so bad with communication. In the midst of the Coronavirus every park in the area (Universal, Six Flags, Knotts) announced their plans for passholders in a short amount of time. People with Disney...
  12. Captn EO

    Question for Photographer CMs

    Every time I visit Disneyland or Disneyworld the following events happen: My wife will see a photographer that is doing great poses and taking their time. We stop what we are doing to wait for said photographer. We see them taking 3-4 minutes with each family/couple. We figure it will be worth...
  13. Captn EO

    Thoughts on Food Festivals/ Limited Time Food?

    In recent years DLR has gone all in on Limited Time food (for various seasons) and their festival of the holidays event. These seem to be a big draw for people. What is everyone's thoughts on these events? Do you like them? Bad: My experience is the "Festival of the Holidays" food has 80% or...
  14. Captn EO

    Food Price Increases

    From the site that shall not be named it appears that WDW digital menus have shown major price increases including 12.50 for a Turkey Leg and 20 dollars for a hamburger. Is Disneyland next? Is this a smart move considering many people have less disposable income?
  15. Captn EO

    Will Coronavirus change your Disney plans?

    I figured it would be interesting to discuss how Coronavirus may change plans based on loss of income, park closure, etc. For my wife and I we are letting our passes lapse to take a break but this was decided long before the CV outbreak. Is everyone still keeping their passes/vacation plans...
  16. Captn EO

    Dining Split Plate Charge?

    My wife and I like going to both restaraunts but never are able to finish our food and would rather get multiple sides/appetizers and split a single entree. Does Steakhouse 55 or Carthay Circle charge for sharing an entree?
  17. Captn EO

    Worst Street Shows

    What is everyone's least favorite street show? To me it was the "Trolley Boys" and their Disney Channel esque music number. It was annoying, loud, and blocked the middle of the park for no reason. A close number two is the equally stupid and rediculously loud army men drummers. Talk about a...
  18. Captn EO

    Bill Rodgers is the DCA Narrator?

    When waiting for world of color season of light, I was surprised to hear Bill’s voice do all the announcements for the show. Is his wife no longer the narrator for the park? When did Bill switch over to doing both parks?
  19. Captn EO

    What’s Missing from Disneyland

    I recently watched the wonderful “Disneyland Around the Seasons” special on Disney Plus, hosted by none other than Walt Disney. Watch this and you will see Disneyland cleaner, brighter, and more vibrant than ever before. The parade is top notch and has a great finale. New Orleans Square is...
  20. Captn EO

    Mickey and Friends New Signs

    I’m glad to see the company do something the right way after all the criticism they have been getting.
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