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  1. Ldno

    Disney Tiny Town Ornament collection

    I need help, how many buildings/ornaments has Disney Released under this line? I became aware of this line from the “disney” blog we don’t mention here, but I became a fan of it too late. I have the Haunted Mansion WDW, Small World, what others are there? I was like yeah for sure I can’t wait...
  2. Ldno

    Photopass Blunder help?

    So ever since I went on my trip to WDW two weeks ago, I have been waiting for my all my ride photos from Hollywood Studios that took them, slinky dog dash and Tower of terror, usually they take 2-3 days to pop up on the disney world app, then got a reminder about a week later about how there was...
  3. Ldno

    ITunes Disney movies FINALLY get the 4k treatment!

    As of today you can finally buy Disney movies in iTunes with 4k HDR and Dolby Atmos, if you bought them already your movies got the free upgrade!! PS if your library still shows them in HD, sign out and log back in.
  4. Ldno

    Post Covid Photopass ideas

    Given the notion that mask less pictures are a no go at the parks, can anyone post some of your photopass pictures to see what kind of creativity is possible now that you can’t see your smile? I’m just curious, is it worth buying photopass because of it? Thank you so much!
  5. Ldno

    Disneyland/Disney World App

    For those who don’t know for the time being Disney has been uploading exclusive photopass pictures since April, it’s not much but they do expire after a set date and it’s free, Both apps have AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL pictures I can only dream of with my camera phone, nothing compares to their...
  6. Ldno

    Merchandise mail away starting July?

    So I have a return/pending/lost claim that made it to the help desk back in March and due to COVID told me that since the parks are closed there’s nothing they could do until the park reopened, anyone heard otherwise? Long story short bought items at WDW had them mailed home, got damaged, one...
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