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  1. garyhoov

    Nov 2007 Report

    *WARNING* This is pretty much like my previous trip reports . . . not a lot of actual Disney World, but plenty of references to p00p. The “underpants incident” alone probably falls into the category of extreme bad taste and Too Much Information. You see, I’ve got a little devil on my...
  2. garyhoov

    Slimy Motels?

    This may seem like a strange request, but here's the story: We usually drive down because my son has always been afraid of flying, but he says he's over that. I suggested we could fly this year, and he said he would miss the trip down, but wouldn't mind flying back. I looked into the idea of...
  3. garyhoov

    Web-Site Updated

    I finally got around to adding our November trip to our web-site: http://www.visithoover.com/ PML members alread saw most of it when I posted the original report. . . but they didn't see t with my dastefully chosen background and font color.:lookaroun I was also able to add our 2004...
  4. garyhoov

    Driving down, flying back?

    Has anyone ever done this? Here's the story: My son, since he was about 5, has been afraid to fly, so we always drive down and back. Now, he has decided that he's not afraid to fly anymore . . . but he and I both sort of enjoy the drive down. It's sort of fun, it gives us time to talk...
  5. garyhoov

    I love SpongeScott

    :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:
  6. garyhoov

    A Competitor for Epcot?

    Has anyone seen anything about this new "Destiny USA" to be built near Syracuse? I ran a search and I couldn't find anything. It sounds a lot like what I've always imagined and hoped for Epcot (and, in some ways Disney World generally). What do you think? Will they be able to maintain...
  7. garyhoov

    Hunter S. Thompson Commits Suicide

    Like Indian Larry, it's almost surprising that he lived this long rather than that he's dead now . . . still, I'll miss him. http://www.denverpost.com/Stories/0%2C1413%2C36~53~2723492%2C00.html Song of the Sausage Creature by Hunter S. Thompson There are some things nobody needs in...
  8. garyhoov

    For Tenchu!

    Hypnotic, isn't it?
  9. garyhoov

    South Jersey / Philly Area Lunch Get-together

    TAC, TiggerBW and I are going to be getting together for lunch at the Medport Diner on Route 70 in Medford New Jersey next Saturday (Januuary 15) at 1:00. If you're in the South Jersey or the Philly area and would like to stop by, we'd love to see you there. I'll try not to get us arrested...
  10. garyhoov


    Oooops, I accidently double posted this, please post on the other one.
  11. garyhoov

    I'm Going To Disney World!

    Well, probably not until next December. I should probably explain. I just got back from a trip to Disney World a few weeks ago (Photos at: http://www.visithoover.com PML members have already seen most of it in "My Boring Trip Report/photos" thread in the PML though I've added a few things -...
  12. garyhoov

    Alamo at the Dolphin

    I'm driving down to Disney World and staying at Pop Century. My wife is flying. I've got a 2 seater, so I rented a bigger car so we can all go to Sea World, Gatorland etc. Since the Dolphin seems relatively close to Pop Century, I reserved a car planning to drive there and leave my car for...
  13. garyhoov

    Indian Larry RIP

    Met him at a Sunday brunch, of all things, when he just happened to be staying in the same New Orleans Marriot as me earlier this year.
  14. garyhoov

    Hell 2, The Sequel - No more room in Hell

    Don't sweat it Judd. The main board lists replies, so there were 666 replies (added to the original post ). It still says 666 on the main page. That's the important part isn't it? Oh, and Jill, those photos are probably a couple years old now. I can assure you that we're all quite ugly...
  15. garyhoov

    Transportation Suggestions?

    Here's my problem: We're planning a trip in December. My son is afraid to fly, so we're going to drive down. My wife, aware that my son and I intend to have the fart battle to end all fart battles, will fly down. I would much rather drive my car down than my wife's big, fat, obnoxious...
  16. garyhoov

    Forbes gives Eisner an 'F'

  17. garyhoov

    Stuff things down Darrel's pants for real at May 15 Cedar Point meet

    If you're interested in getting together at Cedar Point on May 15, let us know. Several of us (DarthDarrel, MouseMadness, DMC-12, DisneyCP2000, Fantasiabish) are currently thinking about going. If you're interested, let us know and let us know what you'd like to bring to stuff in Darrel's...
  18. garyhoov

    Aaaahh! I may be cut off!!

    It looks like there's an invading army of snow swooping in to cut off my travel route. I'm planning to leave New Jersey 2:30 Friday afternoon, and I've seen some mention of snow. They're now saying the snow should hit to the south, but that could be a bigger problem. I was hoping to stop...
  19. garyhoov

    Where to watch a football game?

    I'm looking at my calendar and realizing that the Eagles may be playing for the NFC championship on the weekend of Jan 18th when I'll be in Disney World. Are there any good places to watch a football game (not sports bars since I'll have my 10 year old son)? Thanks!
  20. garyhoov

    What would Walt Disney think?

    What do you think Walt Disney would think if he was able to visit Disney World today? I think he would enjoy driving around the property and seeing what had become of his swamp land and how many people were there. I think he'd be a bit disappointed that things weren't more modern, and...
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