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  1. DiSnEyF@n

    I want to start planning my August trip, but.....

    Hi all... Happy new year!!!!!! I want to put in a request through DVCrentalstore.com for BWV or BCV for a week in august, but I’m apprehensive bc of covid. I'm very confident that we’ll be going (regardless) bc we didn’t go in 2020 AND bc I think the worst will be behind us by then, but I’m...
  2. DiSnEyF@n

    2 bedroom villa/rental

    Looking to rent a 2 bedroom villa from either Airbnb or another platform in December. We we’re looking to stay at Sheraton Vistana Villages on I drive ($250 per night). inam on Airbnb right now and am finding much cheaper places to stay on there... don’t know if anyone can recommend a specific...
  3. DiSnEyF@n

    Do I dare ask such a question......

    Does anyone think that bc of EVERYTHING going on that there might be discounts this year over Christmas break? 😆 I know its super far fetched and it’s just speculation, but I was just curious your thoughts.... thanks!
  4. DiSnEyF@n

    Thanksgiving or Christmas?

    Hi everyone. I’m totally going through Disney withdraw! I’m trying to figure out when would be best for my family to go to Disney. First thing is first, I’m a teacher, so a lot of things have to be in order before I can even consider going. If I have to quarantine upon coming home (NJ...
  5. DiSnEyF@n

    Eating in the park

    Hello all! I hope everyone is well and staying safe. I was wondering if anyone knows if I can still pack my lunch and eat it in the parks? If so, where are we allowed to eat it at? We used to eat at the quick service places, but I’m not sure you’re allowed to do that still. Any info would be...
  6. DiSnEyF@n

    Epcot Drinking Around the World.... AT HOME!

    I want to plan an at home Epcot drinking and eating around the world night. My husband‘s birthday Is June 1st and we will still be in quarantine. I would like to do a small appetizer from a handful of countries along with a drink. Please share your ideas! I appreciate your help and look...
  7. DiSnEyF@n

    Shhhh... don’t tell my husband

    I may or may not be trying to go this August 2020 for a short 4 nighter with just me and my two daughters. I haven’t told my husband that I’ve been looking 😆 With that said, what rides can I go on with them (DD6 & DD3) where we can sit with each other? I know most of the kid friendly rides...
  8. DiSnEyF@n

    Impressions de France show

    I love Impressions de France. It’s one of my top 3 shows. With that said, I watch it on YouTube, from my couch, whenever I’m feeling blue, or missing Disney, or I just need some relaxing/peaceful music. I was wondering if anyone knows of any other videos or channels or shows that play...
  9. DiSnEyF@n

    Be honest... What do you think of my plans?

    Hi all. My family of 4 (me, dh, dd5 & dd2.5) will be staying at the Swan from August 7-14. Day 1- fly in to MCO, stop at Walmart and get our food (online pickup order), check in at Swan and then go swimming Day 2- MK Day 3- Epcot (Akershus breakfast, Chefs de France dinner) Day 4- swim in...
  10. DiSnEyF@n

    So here’s the backstory...... Questions about going with an (almost) 3 year old.

    I’ve been to Disney World many, many times. My 5 year old has been 6 times in her short little life. Her and I have done a couple mommy and me trips and we’ve had many successful trips. I love going. I love planning. I love watching our home videos from our trip.... however, with that...
  11. DiSnEyF@n

    Getting in before ropedrop?

    Hi all. My 21 month old has her first haircut at 915am at the Harmony Barber Shop on Main Street during one of our MK days. My questions is: do you think we’ll be able to get into the park to get to the appointment early? Thanks for your help!
  12. DiSnEyF@n

    Cape May Cafe

    I’m just curious how much breakfast is per person at Cape May Cafe? It says $35-59? Just don’t want sticker shock if we take our 4 kids here for breakfast at 59 per person. Thanks for your help!
  13. DiSnEyF@n

    Fastest way to O’Hana

    Hello all! Wondering what the fastest mode of transportation from Dolphin to Polynesian in the morning so we can make a 8:25 O’hana reservation. Thanks! (Party of 6)
  14. DiSnEyF@n

    Best waterproof video camera?

    Hi all... I’m curious to see what kind of video camera will be best for my trip down there. I had a waterproof camera that lasted about 3 years and I can’t find a good one that is similar to the one I had. I’m looking into GoPros but I thought I’d ask on here first. I don’t want to spend more...
  15. DiSnEyF@n

    NJ Teacher Week in November

    Are there really no hotels available for November 8th through 12th? Thinking of going for a short getaway, Yes, I'm from jersey, but I thought something would be available...
  16. DiSnEyF@n

    Closest Wawa

    I'm driving from MCO to Disney this Sunday and I want to stop at wawa. Anyone know which one is the closest en route? Thanks!
  17. DiSnEyF@n

    Which flight would you take?

    I'm leaving next Sunday with my 3 year old (leaving daddy and baby at home) and I have two options for flying home on Thursday: 1. 9:50am flight arriving at home at 12:15pm Upside is that I get home and can see my baby girl that I will be missing for sure (but she's napping at...
  18. DiSnEyF@n

    Disney Pixar and Short Film Festival

    Anyone what's currently playing here? Going in 2 weeks and I'm curious if it's the same as last May? Thanks
  19. DiSnEyF@n

    Closures for Publicity???

    I am just wondering how many people agree in thinking that the oddly (and super soon) closure of The Great Movie Ride is a ploy to get more people to HS and Disney World itself this summer??
  20. DiSnEyF@n

    Will Characters Sign....

    Wondering if the characters will be able to sign a Disney book for my 8 month old that will not be going with me?? I was going to go to the bookstore and buy her a story book (hard pages) to get the characters to sign while I am in Disney with my 3 year old. Does anyone know if they'll sign...
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