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  1. Computer Magic

    Classic film fans headed back to Disney Cruise Line

    Looks different and fun. http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2014-03-11/travel/os-tcm-classic-cruise-2014-disney-magic-20140311_1_port-canaveral-cruise-travelers-previous-cruises
  2. Computer Magic

    6 rejected Disney theme park rides

    6 rejected Disney theme park rides By Danny Gallagher | The Week – 5 hrs ago Related Content View Photo Dick Tracy, the Muppets, and Mel Brooksall almost had their very own rides The Walt Disney Company is reportedly considering a plan to build an entire world dedicated to Star Wars at...
  3. Computer Magic

    Dining Plan Non-alcoholic beverage

    I notice the dining plan states a Non-alcoholic beverage and later in the document **Excludes Specialty Beverages that are sold separately. Has anyone been successful ordering something other than a soft drink product? I have had a few places allow us to have a smoothy type drink but it is...
  4. Computer Magic

    2012 Disney Dining Plan Changes and Price Increases

    I didn't see this exact information posted, if it is sorry :( 2012 Disney Dining Plan Brochures Published by josh on June 12, 2011 The Wine and Dine Plan is no longer offered. Here are the approximate prices. All prices are per night: Quick Service Dining Plan: $34.99 per...
  5. Computer Magic

    Happy Birthday to my favorite Hooker

    Happy Birthday Scott! Hope you had a great day! :wave:
  6. Computer Magic

    Why Apple should buy Disney

    Interesting article. Since Steve sold Pixar to Disney, I thought Disney and Apple should be one. Although I thought of Disney buying Apple. Interesting how this author feels Steve Jobs is already the Walt Disney of our age. We might as well make it official. Something I have always thought...
  7. Computer Magic

    Pollo Campero, Fresh-A-Peel and BabyCakes NYC Now On Disney Dining Plan

    Pollo Campero, Fresh-A-Peel and BabyCakes NYC Now On Disney Dining Plan http://www.disneyfoodblog.com/2011/0...semi-finalist/ Note: I have found Downtown Disney has some of the best Dining Plan options. Maybe that is because they need a way to get people to DTD. I know the great choices have...
  8. Computer Magic

    Stan Lee Likes the Disney Deal and Envision Theme Park Attractions

    Forbes: What does the deal mean for your characters? Lee: It means new opportunities across the entire entertainment industry. There will be TV shows, DVDs, theme park attractions. The entire article Stan Lee On The Disney Deal Spider Man's creator sees good things ahead. LOS ANGELES...
  9. Computer Magic

    Reporter recalls Jackson and his mania for Disney

  10. Computer Magic

    Free Diners - Where you eating?

    I think this was posted but can't find it. Many are booking for their free dining. My free dining ADR is two weeks away...June 11th to be exact. SO where are you dining? Here is my list at the moment (subject to change) Rose Crown Japan Le Cellier SANAA Yak and Yeti Yachtsman...
  11. Computer Magic

    Voice of Mickey Mouse Dies - Wayne Allwine

    Allwine became the third man to be the voice of Mickey 32 years ago and he has since been heard in movies, TV shows and Disney theme parks. Walt Disney was the original voice of the animated rodent...
  12. Computer Magic

    A new Disney Landmark has Emerged

    From Disney Rewards Site: Announcing Bay Lake Tower at Disney's Contemporary Resort - the newest addition to Disney Vacation Club. http://disneyrewards.disney.go.com/newsandoffers/news-dvcjan09baylaketower.html
  13. Computer Magic

    Best Ride to Take a Nap

    okay after everyone gets their mind out of the gutter, name the best place to relax and take a nap in :snore:
  14. Computer Magic

    Dining Plan 2009 Missing Dining Locations

    I was just reviewing the Dining Location for 2009 and notice locations missing. I hope Disney is still trying to get some of these locations under contract. I notice DD is missing Earl Sandwich, raglan Road, Wolf Gang Puck express and AK is missing Yet and Yeti. Look at all the Epcot places...
  15. Computer Magic

    Not So Gary - Trip Report 9/16/08-9/23/08

    Went back to WDW after a 2 year lay off. WDW is a fun as ever and Disney overall still has the magic. We stayed at The Beach Club which was our first time at that resort. We like the location of Epcot and DHS being so close. We stayed at Boardwalk in 2005. Beach Club is far better then Boarwalk...
  16. Computer Magic

    You know Your Trip is Fast Approaching When..

    1) Your 45 day final payment is due. 2) Your fellow employees get tired of you are saying, "That will have to wait until I return". 3) You can finally check the weather website and see the 10th day forcast as your first day onsite. 4) You bring out the suitcases, verify kennel dates, gather...
  17. Computer Magic

    Say It Ain't So - Boardwalk Pizza

    I'm reading on another site that Calzones aren't being offered at Boardwalk Pizza anylonger. SAY IT AIN'T SO :mad::(:cry: If true, when did this take place?
  18. Computer Magic

    Every Day a New Adventure

    This from DisneyInsider: Every Day a New Adventure Most likely right at this moment, somewhere in the world, families are exploring, laughing, and learning. Maybe kids are rolling pastry with an Italian chef, or maybe adventurers are kayaking through the American wilderness. Maybe there's a...
  19. Computer Magic

    Pirates of the Caribbean Fans with a Nintendo DS(TM) Can Search for Hidden Treasure

    Pirates of the Caribbean Fans with a Nintendo DS(TM) Can Search for Hidden Treasure at Disney Parks 7:00a ET May 21, 2007 (Business Wire) Gold doubloons have lost their luster as Nintendo DS(TM) owners search for a different kind of hidden treasure. Timed to the release of the Pirates of...
  20. Computer Magic

    Disney Sees Green in Going Green

    Disney Sees Green in Going Green By Rick Aristotle Munarriz April 18, 2007 Head out to Disney World, and you will see more green than the Fantasyland churro cart operator collecting greenbacks, hand over mouse-gloved fist. Head out to Disney's (NYSE: DIS) EPCOT and you'll see the solar...
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