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  1. tsaintc

    Anyone disappointed with the Disney Cruise?

    I promise that this is a real question... We just came back from a 7 day cruise on the Fantasy, and in all honesty, it was just OK. Well, let me try to better explain the 'OK': Pros/Likes: The ship was beautiful and the room was great (for a cruise ship) The ship was EXTREMELY clean and...
  2. tsaintc

    Question concerning POR bus stops

    Can anyone provide some information on the bus stops @ POR? I have checked these forums and portorleans.org and cannot find exactly what I am looking for. We will be staying in a Royal Room (so either the Oak or Parterre building). Therefore, we will have access to the South and East depots...
  3. tsaintc

    Went to a private screening of 'Brave' last night and . . .

    it was outstanding! I am a Pixar fanboy, but words cannot describe this movie. Sorry, I know that this is not park news. Feel free to move the thread.
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