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    Question for Houston area people

    We are leaving San Antonio, Friday, July 9th (driving) to go to WDW. What time does Houston start getting their morning rush hour traffic? Trying to figure out what time to leave and where to stop for breakfast. We don't know if we should try to beat the morning traffic or wait until after.
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    ? about Powerpoint 07

    I am trying to put music to a picture program and I am embedding music to the program. I can get the first song to play but the second song will play only one time though no matter what I do. I do same slide show and the second song won't play at all. What am I doing wrong? Please help this...
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    Friends of MJ

    Well This is a first for me.:sohappy: :sohappy:
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    Question about Walt Disney

    I was asked a question today and I didn't know the answer. So here is the question- Was Walt Disney ever kicked out of the army or any other service? I say no but I really don't know.
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    Question for Teachers

    If you have an ADD or ADHD student in your class can you tell if that student has missed his/her medicine for a day? Also can you tell if they have been off of it for the weekend? My DD needs ADD med. and the doc said not to let her miss it at all. She will be taking Concerta. She did take...
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    Computer headache

    Ok, here is my problem: I have anti spy ware from Yahoo, when I run it it says I have a bunch of adware and spyware and trojans. I will delect them and follow the directions to rebot my compurter. As soon as I turn it back on I get the pop up again saying that I have adware running and to...
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    Resort confirmation letters

    How long does it take for the Resorts to send a confirmation letter?
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    Travel Time?????

    Does anyone know how long does it take to get from Charleston SC. area to WDW and how many miles?? We keep geting differant reports on our computer and need to try to get a better est. We will be leaving Charleston on the 25th of this month to get to WDW. Pleae help.
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    I have a question

    What are the chances of getting a room without reservations at the Poly. at the end of this month like on the25 thur the 27th? We don't know if we can go yet or not. Hopefully we will find out this coming week. Or does the resort fill up quickly and I have no chance. There would be 2 adults...
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    Disney Magazine

    Does anyone know when the Winter edition of the Disney Mag. comes out. I would like to get one for my sister for Christmas with the rest of her gifts.
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    Holiday Houses

    Does anyone have the WDW Hoilday Houses and where can you get them Besides Disney?
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    Is there any good news

    Is there any good news on Disney. I love the way it was but all I read is about the rides that are not there anymore . All I hear about the thrill rides that are coming in. What about any dark rides or shows coming in?
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