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  1. MattC

    Winter room specials.

    For all the years the wife and I have been passholders we have never stayed on property. We would either stay at an off site hotel or with family in the area. We have decided to do a completely on-site trip this January. Neither of us have ever looked into Disney resorts and we see right now...
  2. MattC

    Early rope drop...

    So I have noticed this a couple of times and again at DHS this morning. Sometimes the parks will open up 15 or so minutes before the scheduled time for rope drop. What leads to this decision being made? Is it just on a whim? If all the CMs have rides and attractions ready to go early will they...
  3. MattC

    "Rossen Reports" on Disney

    Jeff Rossen is a reporter for NBC. He does a segment for the Today Show called "Rossen Reports." Basically, the point of his segment is to expose scams or fraud of all kinds. Tomorrow the segment will focus on Disney and how people are "beating the system" and skipping lines. My guess is that it...
  4. MattC

    Breaking Point?

    So let me start by saying that my wife and I do not have children. So we don't know what it is like to do Disney with kids in tow. But, this doesn't stop us from saying, "If that were my kid..." one hundred times a day when we see tantrums, whining, etc... However, today we saw the worst thing...
  5. MattC

    Power City High Score

    Ok, has anyone ever gotten to the largest city? I forget what it's called. My wife and I play that game like two folks on a gameshow going for a million dollars. We are pretty good too, but never get the top score.
  6. MattC

    Food and Wine Recommendations

    Ok guys, the wife and I will be at EPCOT next Friday to do some tasting. I'm sure everything is good, but anyone have some absolute MUST tastes this year?
  7. MattC

    Rides per day.

    Just curious what is everyone's average or most rides done in a day? Buses, monorails and shows don't count :) but multiple times on one ride do. My wife and I average around 12 with the most being 17. We usually start at opening and break for a couple of hours around 4 for dinner. Then head...
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