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    News Liberty Square Riverboat and Tom Sawyer Island closing for lengthy refurbishment

    I know Tom Sawyers Island doesn’t get good reviews, but this island is such a peaceful reprieve from a busy park. The caves are dark and mysterious and the fort is fun for kids to explore. Rocking chairs at Aunt Pollys have a great view of the Haunted Mansion. Many places to sit as kids enjoy a...
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    Which Cast Member interaction do you miss the most?

    I believe the gentleman’s name at the Beach Club was Art. He was the doorman there for years and what a beautiful soul he was. Great smile and warm eyes ready to wish all who came there a “welcome home”. His sole job was that of a greeter. He had such a wonderful way with people.
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    Which Cast Member interaction do you miss the most?

    Our family enjoyed our mid August trip to WDW. It was nice to jump on rides with no waits and very different to stroll down a nearly empty World Showcase. The memory of this trip during the Pandemic will be set apart for its unique circumstances. But as annual visitors to the most Magical Place...
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    Trip Report August Trip Bullet Points

    Just returned from a wonderful trip August 12 thru 19 staying at Pop Century. Party of 8. Observations below. - rope drop wasn’t necessary. Got plenty of rest, much unlike any other vacays - fever check and security was seamless - there is constant friendly reminder to cover your mouth and...
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    Timing Question

    Use the luggage tags that take your bags right to your room. This allows you to go right to Magical Express without having to collect your bags at the airport baggage claim. Check in to your room, drop off your carry-ons at the room if it is ready, or utilize bell services, then catch a Minnie...
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    Any chance gondolas open early?

    Traveling to WDW in August, any chance one or all lines open early?
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    Is there an opening date for the NBA Experience/Restaurant?

    Is there an opening date for the NBA experience/restaurant at Disney Springs? And what can we expect?
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    Space Mountain hurts me too much to ride it again until it's repaired. Anyone else feel this way?

    Please, please, please don’t change Space Mountain. Don’t make it a family coaster. Rode it in total darkness at the Halloween Party and loved it more. By the way, I’m 55 years old. It’s the only coaster I know that has its 3-3 single file configuration. I like that it is different. I rode Space...
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    Would you give up Happily Ever After for a light Parade?

    Paint the Night, please come to MK
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    Do they need to bring Video Games back into Epcot?

    Yes, yes, and yes. Disney, stop getting rid of attractions just to leave it vacant. I would never play video games at Epcot, but my boys would. Not everything needs to be an E ticket attraction. The more attractions the park has, the more the crowd disperses at other attractions. Body Wars made...
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    Wait Lines for New Gondolas

    An observation for a select few who demean. Its sad how the anonymity of sites like this allow posters to be rude and uncivil. Truth to some lies in the eyes of the beholder. There are no shades of gray, just the color they see. We are all Disney fans or we wouldn’t be on this site and...
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    WDW, Please fast track attractions, crowd level critical

    I don’t know what Disney can do about the crowd levels at this juncture, but here are some suggestions. 1) can we speed up the construction timeline for the new attractions. The joke about the parking garages taking 3 years to construct was not far from the truth. Yes, Disney does quality...
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    Wait Lines for New Gondolas

    I have ridden a similar and much shorter gondola at the Texas State Fair. The cars look the same, with no AC. Texas in October can still be very hot. The cars are well ventilated due to the breeze above tree top, but are still hot. With the heat, and no openness to the carriage, I felt...
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    Wait Lines for New Gondolas

    I had written previously about my concern about the wait times for the new gondolas. I have seen the capacity numbers and the comparison to the bus system capacity. This new transportation system looks amazing and I’m so glad for its construction. What a great way to be transported to and from...
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    Automatic Gratuity for large parties despite poor service

    Okay, this thread is all over the place. Let’s use common sense here. First of all, I would never ever stiff or reduce a tip below %15. So to those who say this is a D____ move, I’m not shafting the waiter. Won’t do it, never have. Second, my dining experiences are my own, this is what I have...
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    Automatic Gratuity for large parties despite poor service

    I always tip at least 18%. I’m not out to screw over the wait staff. If the service is friendly, which at WDW it always is, I will always tip well. Just making conversation on paying a very large and automatic gratuity for subpar service. Just think management needs to rethink the large party...
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    Automatic Gratuity for large parties despite poor service

    I do believe that the waiter/waitress takes on more than they can handle. They have to know the diner experience suffers from the single server approach. My reasoning is that they wish not to split the big tip. I do think the team approach makes for less stress on the server, and an...
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    Automatic Gratuity for large parties despite poor service

    I love Disney Dining. Our family visits the World once a year and to keep things fresh and different we try new, fun or favorite restaurants. Our family consists of 6, but we travel with another family or families. I understand the reason behind the practice of adding the gratuity, but I do have...
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    Poll - Disneyland or Walt Disney World

    Disneyland Resort-3 days max WDW Resort - 6 to 7 days minimum, so much more to do and see. I do love how Disneyland kept all their dark rides. There is an attraction around every nook and corner. Wish Magic Kingdom had done this. Makes for a charming park. Plus Disneyland has Paint the Night...
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    Which Magic Kingdom mountain is the best?

    A lot of people complain about Space Mountain. I love this ride and please don’t change it. I don’t want it to be like other roller coasters. I like sitting single file. I like how it darts around in the dark. Been to the Disneyland Paris version. It’s a roller coaster much like Rock-n-Roller...
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