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  1. Ldno

    Current Magic Band offerings

    I I Did it last year through the disney world app going through the check in process, you should see an option that should redirect you to select your magic bands they offer at a discount, if i remember correctly but it was done through the app.
  2. Ldno

    Disney Plus Pulls Peter Pan and Other Movies from Children's Section/ Implications for Park

    I find it hard to believe they would not redo fantasyland because of this, i mean without the movie how can they tell who Peter Pan is? You know someone will point fingers and say “but the ride has to go”.
  3. Ldno

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    If you ever have a chance to do Imageering in A Box sponsored by Khan Academy, they legit cover a lot of topics and few of the “promised” stuff that was going to happen before 2019! They show the droid that would had been roaming around the park and a few detailed Disney Imageering blackboard...
  4. Ldno

    Disney Tiny Town Ornament collection

    I need help, how many buildings/ornaments has Disney Released under this line? I became aware of this line from the “disney” blog we don’t mention here, but I became a fan of it too late. I have the Haunted Mansion WDW, Small World, what others are there? I was like yeah for sure I can’t wait...
  5. Ldno

    ShopDisney continues to disappoint.

    I ordered a disney pin, just a single pin from shop disney and it arrived in a huge 12x12x12 i was like ****** did I order, then the pin was just floating inside the box with no cushion, just a plastic wrapper. But do not get me started on how my two boxes from the ship to home from galaxy’s...
  6. Ldno

    Incorrect photo sent to app through Disney PhotoPass

    If you have windows you can buy the codec extension for 1.99 and it unlocks video and photos! i used to convert to JPEg because I was having the same issue but little did I know was the downgrade Of quality and then I got the prompt to buy it and they all work now under the default photos app.
  7. Ldno

    Magic Band life span

    There’s people who throw them out? i just wiped them with baby wipes and they Went back to normal again!!!
  8. Ldno

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Now that you mention this, they could have killed this in a colossal way by having “force” transparent lightsaber holders in savi’s to give the idea that you are using the force while they activate the sequence, that would had been amazing. You know now that I think about they heavily recycle...
  9. Ldno

    Books on Parks History

    I wish they sold them on the kindle store.
  10. Ldno

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I know you guys keep saying Disney has 100% control of the characters but correct me if I'm wrong, but he would make money from Disney stock based from how well the franchise was doing and from the characters he created under the Writers Guild Agreement right?
  11. Ldno

    Star Wars Land announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

    Now I’m split regarding this, It’s been heavily rumored that Disney will not use the OT at GE because they didn’t want pay royalties to George Lucas, so in my opinion Disney had no clue what to do with ST, which failed, then they made GE with the whole mentality that ”if they make it they will...
  12. Ldno

    News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opening reports and using Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I like the 7 am wake up call for DHS, it’s perfect, get your boarding group, eat breakfast get ready and head to the park. When the park opened at 9 I was there at 8 am and managed to ride tower of terror and slinky dog before 9am, then do whatever until your group gets called. Low key the...
  13. Ldno

    News Disney will be ending complimentary MagicBand distribution to Disney Resort hotel guests and moving to smart devices

    The uh app already tracks your movement and progress, it would be easy for them to share your ride pictures and videos with you I Imagine genie might play heavily into this. I like how no one’s talking about the 100 charge EVERYTIME you use the magic band on the bank account, oh my gosh they...
  14. Ldno

    News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opening reports and using Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    I never noticed the canons not working until you guys Mentioned something, and to be honest the video I recorded of the ride does show the one canon working and not the other two, weird, while you go under it felt like going off for sure though!
  15. Ldno

    Magic Kingdom 50th Anniversary Plans

    I would had honestly cried like a ***** just hearing Kiss Goodnight Just because it’s super sad, no fireworks, nothing. Just woke up from a massive hangover and I am glad the people managed to stay there until the end Of last year!11
  16. Ldno

    Politics 28000 Layoffs coming to Disney's domestic theme parks - statement from Josh D'Amaro

    Sad to say, COVID accelerated businesses and corporations into the future, Disney learned from this, hence the heavy focus to streaming, despite state leadership, Disneyland is not the future of the company but clearly WDW is in money making Recently their park exclusive merchandise dumps on...
  17. Ldno

    News Remy's Ratatouille Adventure coming to Epcot

    I miss Stacey from Resort tv 😭
  18. Ldno

    Worst Disney Attractions? (Current & Otherwise)

    Superstar Limo vs Stitch’s great escape Or it’s older alien Encounter iteration? I never have been on Superstar limo but have ridden Monsters Inc and have seen videos of Superstar Limo, just interesting how much it has changed but can’t be worse than Stitch’s escape IMHO, you just sit there...
  19. Ldno

    ***Rare*** Original Disney-MGM/Sunset Boulevard/Muppet Studios Expansion Plans Circa Aug. 1989

    It goes both ways in my opinion, cancelled projects, or rides that have been scrapped already, It’s easy to forget how the icon for Hollywood studios was the famous Mickey Ears on the water tower but now it’s completely gone and forgotten. I was young enough to ride Body Wars but not to Old...
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