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  1. David S.

    New Drop Tower For Magic Kingdom!

    I just found this Press Release on another site: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Lake Buena Vista, FL Walt Disney World made the surprise announcement today that construction would soon commence on a new drop-tower thrill ride, to be located in the Fantasyland section. "We felt like we could do...
  2. David S.

    Winter Trip Report Part 2 - Review of "New To Me" Additions and Changes

    In Part One yesterday I reviewed this year's Christmas entertainment at the 4 WDW parks. (found here http://forums.wdwmagic.com/showthread.php?t=682672 ) Today, in this final installment, I'll be discussing in detail my thoughts on 6 "new to me" additions, subtractions, or changes at the...
  3. David S.

    Winter Trip Report Part 1 - Holiday Entertainment Review

    This is my first post in the Trip Reports section of WDW Magic. It won't really be a conventional "Trip Report" discussing what I did each day, where I ate or slept, other personal details, or the totaltity of my most recent experiences. Rather, it will specifically discuss the various Christmas...
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