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    Adding days to tickets

    Hello, we have tickets that we purchased for a 2020 trip that we didn’t do. We are potentially planning to go this summer but may be staying for longer than we previously planned. we bought tickets via Undercover Tourist so it’s not through Disney directly. Is Disney allowing people to add...
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    AP sales

    I've seen people say that Disney is not selling (new) Annual Passes for WDW. Though it seems that Platinum Passes are for sale on their website so maybe it's only that level of pass being sold. But anyway to my question... My family is planning to go next year sometime to WDW and we already...
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    Rumor Brazil is the frontrunner for a new World Showcase Pavilion

    I thought this was worthy of a breakout thread given the discussion is taking away from the potential Ratatouille ride for France in the other thread. @MansionButler84 basically confirmed that the front runner country for a new World Showcase pavilion is Brazil: I'll give some credit to...
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    Booking 4th FP+

    I haven't been able to find an answer for sure, but after using your first 3 FP+ and you go to book an additional (4th or beyond), do you need to be in the park in question to do it? If you were planning to park hop, could you pick up one for a different park using the app on the phone or do...
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    Possible Attraction in France pavilion (Epcot) Update - new Attraction Greenlit

    There was a clamoring for a new thread, so I figured I'd start it. In the GMR thread, there has been a lot of recent talk about a possible new ride for the France pavilion in Epcot. Some highlights...
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    Shanghai POTC ride

    Hello, I know I have read about the Shanghai attraction Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle of the Sunken Treasure using new technology for an impressive effect. does anyone know which of the following is going to be the ride system: "Floating Omnimover Ride" patent "Amusement park ride with...
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    Possible Frontierland expansion

    I thought it might be good to bring this over to a dedicated thread based on the discussion it will be sure to generate. @whylightbulb casually dropped this bomb in the latest Spirit thread... And later added... And also responded to a question...
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