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  1. Oh bother!

    Pre-Trip Bonjour, Good Day. A mini Disney fix in Paris

    Bonjour! Welcome to mypre-trip report for Paris! I enjoyed doing a WDW report in December as it definitely made me take more pictures so thought I would do a smaller report for Paris! Who: M (my other half.... boyfriend seems a little informal after 15 years 🤷‍♀️) and me. Why? M says no...
  2. Oh bother!

    Trip Report Let in snoap, let it snoap, let in snoap *Completed*

    Soooooo we landed back in a grey, cold London a week ago. It’s hardly stopped raining since and I miss Disney! Time to start my trip report It’s my first attempt so go easy on me 😊 I now realise what detailed notes some must make to share such fabulous reports with us all..... I did not make...
  3. Oh bother!

    Pre-Trip The Trip Reports Made Me Do It

    Sooooo after spending a lot of time reading all the great trip reports I thought I would introduce myself and have a go at my own pre-trip report! When: November 29th-December 9th Where: We will be staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo House. This will be our third stay at the lodge and we’ve...
  4. Oh bother!

    Lunch at Morimoto Asia

    Hi all I’m trying to decide on dining options before our upcoming 180day reservation time. I know Morimoto is one DDP credit for lunch so am considering this before MVMCP. Does anyone know what you can have for one credit? The menu has several sections! Thanks in advance!
  5. Oh bother!

    A potentially silly question about towels!

    Hi, After some advice please. I’m trying to whittle down my luggage before we leave for AKL. Could someone tell me if delux resorts provide pool towels please? I can’t seem to find this online. Thank you in advance!
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