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    Sea World Concerts

    I've not been to Sea World for many years but this past weekend I attened the Viva La Musica event and I must say I truly enjoyed myself. Unlike Disney, the food was priced well for the portions. Yes is was authentic Spanish food. The musical 'headliner" gave one of the best performances I've...
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    Holiday Wishes Fireworks

    I know the parks are VERY crowded during Christmas week but does anyone know if I go on Monday, Dec 19th just to see the parade and fireworks, will it be as crowded? I've always gone to the MVMCP past years but I've decided not to this year due to that extra ticket price, I'm a seasonal passholder.
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    AMC Disney Dine-In

    If anyone intends to try the Dine-In @ the AMC Downtown Disney Movie please make sure that you purchase your movie tickets at the Dine-In box office, not the regular seating box office portion. We just realized there are 2 entrances and due to the Dine-In section being closed for a VIP event on...
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    Mother's Day at the Spa

    I rec'd gift for a Spa Day at the Grand Floridian. I was shocked at the cost but happy. I was wondering does anyone know if the Spa does something "special" for Mother's Day?
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    Medical Positions

    How does someone get info for positions in the Medical field such as nurses?:veryconfu
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    Orlando Food and Wine Festival

    Has anyone ever gone to the Orlando's Food and Wine? I hear it's worth the drive to Downtown Orlando and the Concert lineups are performing more then 4 songs. I know it's a weekend event but due to the price of Epcot and the food/wine it might be a consideration. :wave:
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